Virtual Wine Date


I always dream of having a real wine date with my readers, and I hope one day that can happen somehow. Perhaps a wine retreat? But, for now a virtual one will have to do. I like wine ( ok loveee ) and I love to have some girl talk. If we were sitting together and having wine, here is what I would be sharing with you!   I am sorry my bra is showing, I do get Read More »

Pumpkin Fudge and Unicorn Oats


So vacation is going really great, but little man has had a fever off and on since yesterday due to teething. His second molar is coming through and it is rough. I remember how rough it was when his first one came through and it is maybe a little worse this time. I think the fact we aren't home, makes it hard too. Wish we were home when he is so miserable like this, but he is Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1.  Working out like a boss at the local gym near Mikes moms the other day was fun. Mike and I haven't been able to work out together in forever, so was nice to do that! 2. I really don't realize how big those cheeks are! They are amazing! Lol.     3.   I miss being able to get wine at Target! Why doesn't PA sell alcohol in stores?! When we lived Read More »

A Wicked Night


  Last night we celebrated our Valentine's Day. Mike got me tickets to see "Wicked" and the play is here only until Sunday, so we celebrated early with the show and a dinner too. Mike got straight home from work, sitter came, we took a pic for the scrapbook, and were off! I had no idea where we were going for dinner, just knew it was close to where the play Read More »

Diva Five Spill Friday


  1. Today is the BIG day, my little sister is getting married! It seemed like the day was so far away, all of a sudden it is here and as soon as rehearsal started at church last night it really set in that she is getting married. I am so excited for my sister and Marko, proud to be by their side on their big day today and to be with all of my family, Marko's family, Read More »

What I am Loving


  I am loving breakfast, waffles are so quick and yummy when you don't have a lot of time for breakfast. The nature's path waffles I diva approved last week are almost gone, I enjoyed them so much. I topped these waffles with pumpkin protein frosting since I had a little pumpkin to use up. I spread some coconut pb crack on the waffles too, that stuff is so Read More »

I Will Survive


  on chocolate and wine.... Yup, those two are great friends to get through stressful times! So, we made the transition, little man is in his crib now.... Last night was night two of the transition and it went well! The first night was a little rough, Rocco at first was crying and did not want to be in his crib, my little heart was breaking. He finally Read More »

Scallops at Mad Crabber


  JUST got back from a fun day that included SUP which stand for stand up paddle boarding! Seriously an awesome workout and I am going to post all about it tomorrow for you guys! Right now I am going to post about amazing scallops Mike and I had at the Mad Crabber last night for dinner. Dinner there was fabulous! Dinner outfit, I was feeling beachy with the Read More »

Whipped Pumpkin on my Waffles


  Morning! Last night was pretty much a packing nigh and a night to realize 2 things that needed to be fixed kind of night. - We forgot to buy alcohol, this is not good! Haha! If only it was easy to buy liquor at any store here, I miss living in DC and Indiana because of that. Oh and no wine at Trader Joe's here either! - Mike finally tries to put the surfboard Read More »

Stress Ball Tips


  Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like a big ball of stress?! ( source ) Let me tell you I have been having one of those days, actually a lot the past few weeks. Family stuff that has gotten worse, traveling stresses me out, and some other stuff. Phew! Sometimes I feel like a big scream would just be comforting  8-O Stress can kill you Read More »

Popped a bottle and little things <3


  Good morning! I have to say, it still feels weird now that we have a house. This is a moment the 3 of us have been waiting for and now that it is real it still seems surreal. Moving here and there across states was all worth it for this day, I am sure once Anthony starts school Wednesday and we unpack more it will become very real! One thing I have to say, I am Read More »

BYOB Date Night <3


  Good Morning! Mike and I had a wonderful date night last night, it came at the perfect time. We both really needed a night out with just "us" and it was great to just enjoy fabulous food and to talk about exciting things ahead for us and more! Mike surprised me with a new place that he researched and found, it was BYOB so we brought our favorite Read More »

Did it all for the nookie { cookie }


    Yup I did  :-D Fun Fact- I saw Limp Bizkit when I was 3.5 months pregnant with Anthony, so I always tell Anthony that was his first concert  ;-)   I am not talking about that kind of nookie this morning, I do try to keep this blog as clean as possible, haha! I am talking about this kind of nookie...   PB Crave Cookie Read More »

Sushi and Exchange <3


  Good morning! Last night was sushi fabulous I must say! Mike and I left the place with sushi bellies! The best kind to have!   We went to a place we love called Ichiban. We love it here because of their AMAZING special roll selection, they have so many. It was hard to choose 4 rolls, we had so many that we wanted.   Mike was the man on Read More »

What Diva Loves Wednesday


  Good Morning! Good Morning! Im really hopped up on caffeine this morning, its just that kind of day! I still can not hear out of my left ear, the candling did not work as I said, but it sure did clean it a lot. I am hoping to get to the doctor tomorrow, it really is a weird feeling to not hear in that ear. Breakfast  Cocoa Strawberry Oatmeal Pancake with Peanut Read More »