Just {pics} Sunday <3

May 27, 2012

  Hope your Sunday is wonderful <3 The Diva Household xo

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Sharkies for fuel and more

April 10, 2012

  I am glad you guys were loving the “Trash Tuesday” topic, I think it would be a fun thing to do weekly, could be a way for us all to let go of some things we need to and to share weekly what is one thing we have worked on or want to work […]

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Update and crack { chips }

February 29, 2012

  Evening friends! Hopefully everyone had a great day! Mine was a stay in kind of day, lots of rain and I took a long nap this afternoon. Exhaustion came over me and I passed out, this rarely happens but I embraced it and slept. I am not really a nap kind of girl, sometimes […]

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He is back, I am back

February 27, 2012

Good Morning friends! I never came back around yesterday, I think blogging once on a Sunday will be the way I go from now on. I actually had soemthing to do in the afternoon and I stopped by my parents house for a while yesterday too.   I finally got dressed yesterday, all weekend I […]

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What I know today…

February 15, 2012

  Hope everyone had a great day! I was out running errands most of the day BUT I did get a great 35 minute cardio workout in on the elliptical.   I did 35 minutes and a 2 minute cool down, 5 minutes forward and 5 minutes backward switch-a-roo! Felt great and worked up a […]

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Insanity week uno

January 15, 2012

  Thumbs Up! Week one of Insanity is done and Im alive, well sort of  I have to say, I have never had such a challenge in my life. Insanity really is challenging and it is also brutal at times, you just want to scream but you just push through! Bottom line, Im loving it! […]

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Windy City { Day }

December 29, 2011

  Good Morning! Having no internet in the condo really stinks, and I am sorry I did not get to post again yesterday. The day was full of busy and then before we knew it we had to get ready for the Blackhawks game, which was AWESOME! I switched yoga to today instead of yesterday, […]

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November 30, 2011

  Hi loves! I had a post all together, thought I published it, and it DISAPPEARED!?? Ughhhhh, I have never had that happen to me before and man does it stink! So lets try this again! Freezing cold old man winter means wearing cozy and warm hats. I love this one, it has a fleece […]

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Just a day

November 28, 2011

  Just a day, Just an ordinary day  Just tryin’  to get by Little Vanessa Carlton to start this post ! I really loved her back in the day, wonder where she went? So did anyone get any  Cyber Monday deals? I didn’t , but I did add a new lululemon hoodie to my christmas […]

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Missed yoga { solution }

November 18, 2011

  I was excited to take a yoga class today, but I didn’t make it there.  I have recently decided I need more yoga in my life, especially in between strength training days. Yoga is great for stretching my muscles out and for the mind, body, and soul. Im ready to get back into it […]

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Conscious { Box }

November 14, 2011

  Hope everyone had a great Monday , its almost over! I did get motivated today for a workout, which is hard for me to do on Monday’s , so yay! { Workout } Strength and Cardio Burst Workout was done at home with my fit friends  Sometimes it is *hard* to get motivated , […]

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My fave Celeb { halloween }

October 30, 2011

  Bright day ! Bright for a sweaty workout  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and kept resistance at 9 the whole time. I did do reverse and forward, switched every 5 minutes  Spinach salad with veggies, hummus, and meatless balls Today has been a chill day over here! Mike and I are trying […]

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Smooth Monday

October 24, 2011

Oh what a day! It went by fast, and I am not complaining about that! I had a Keratin Treatment appt at noon, so I had to fit my workout in before! I took my fitness friends to the living room for a workout today. I don’t usually workout in my living room, I  workout […]

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A red kind of { day }

October 21, 2011

  Hello loves! Did you know today is National Apple Day? Well, now you do  I am a apple lover, so everyday is apple day for me, so of course I celebrated . I had to get in a workout first though, before any apple action went on  { Workout } *warm up with some […]

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The couch { almost } won

October 6, 2011

  Afternoon loves! I hope Thursday is treating you well so far, as it is for me! Today I knew I wanted to get a workout in, cardio specifically , I had a rest day yesterday and cardio was on the agenda for today. I generally have been doing this routine weekly… Cardio 2-3 times […]

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A Saturday { vlog } Dork Alert!

August 13, 2011

  Mike and I like to do at home workouts on the weekend, and we usually do them in our workout room, and separately, but today we decided to go in the living room and do  our routines Mike did his indo board exercises and I did some strength training exercises, I have not used […]

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What went down { wednesday }

July 27, 2011

  Hey Hey, did you enter my Giveaway yet? If not, then don’t waste anytime, and enter if you would like some Madre Labs Goodies! It was a busy day for me, running errands and such busy, had to go to Wal-Mart for groceries and then the Natural Food Co-Op for my groceries, I do get […]

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