Diva Spill Friday


1. So my hair is effing cray. I am talking rat hair, like fro style and crazy hair that is thick as ever. Hair that causes a shower drain to clog, a plumber to come, and being out 100 bucks. Oh, my husband loves me SO much. Hey, it was the first time it clogged in the three years we lived here, so not too bad  8-O 2. Speaking of hairrrrrrrrrr, I am going through some changes Read More »

4 Booty Building Yoga Poses

Booty yoga

Today I got some booty building yoga moves for you guys! I am really enjoying sharing some fitness with you guys weekly. Really motivates and inspires me to try some new things, and I love sharing with all of you! So, who wants to burn and build their booty? Try these 4 moves below! Do these daily this week, maybe start your morning with them, or just take a break at work Read More »

4 Hip Opener Yoga Poses


  If you are looking for some great hip opening yoga poses, I got ya covered! I have to say, my hips love/hate these poses. Some days my hips are not phased by them, some days they screammmmm. Especially pigeon pose, yessss. So, if you're feeling tight in the hips, try these poses to help. I will list modifications below the poses, since sometimes we do need them. Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. TOMORROW we leave for the beach! I am excited as hell and also have not even started to pack. Yikes! I am not really worried about my packing, but I have to make sure Rocco has everything he needs and I am hoping he does well on the long drive.  We are going to break the drive up though, so that will be better for him. I really need some advice, so at the bottom of this post Read More »

Aiming For in August!


Happy Tuesday! Before I start off with my post, I want to share GIVEAWAY WINNERS!  I had to pick another veggetti winner, since the original winner never emailed me. Veggetti Winner -  #22 Cindy, please email me your shipping info! Annie's Homegrown Giveaway Winner - #31 April, email me your shipping info! Blind Spot Nut Butter Winner -  #102 Brittany at Barr and Read More »

Yoga Poses For PMS!

Yoga PMS2.jpg

Hey, ladies! Happy Friday! I am struggling with beautiful cramps and bloating this week, along with the other awesome symptoms pms brings, hello mood swings and emotional brekadowns out of nowhere! Wine helps with pms, but so do some yoga poses  ;-) These poses with help with that bloating and give ya some energy too! I know when I have that time of the month, my Read More »

Diva Approved + A Yoga Video


Happy Thursday! Thursday mornings are always rushed for me due to Rocco having to be at daycare early, so I am usually rushing to post! Could I skip a day and not post? Sure. Do I want to? Nope! I truly love posting every day, well except the weekends, I like to enjoy those days post free for the most part! But, I love this little blog and all of you so much! So I like to Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


1. It's FRIDAY! YAY! I am so excited for this weekend, because tomorrow night I have a date night with my love. Not just any date night, a surprise dinner date night since Mike's birthday is Sunday. I planned a fabulous dinner at a place we have never been to, and I can't wait to treat my love for his birthday. He deserves that and so much more, it will be a great night! 2. Read More »

Enjoying The Sunshine + Headstand Fun


Yesterday was the perfect summer day! The weather was not too hot, it actually felt like fall! Breakfast was perfect for outdoors  :-D overnight berry oats <3 Since the weather was so nice, Rocco and I took our little booties to the park to enjoy it! We didn't go to our park in the neighborhood, we decided to go to a local park just a 5 minute drive away. Read More »

Good Morning Sunshine Yoga Sequence

Sun 4.jpg

Here is a short but sweet yoga sequence to start your day off with, or anytime really! Good Morning Sunshine Yoga Sequence   **Make your way to the front of your mat   **Repeat 3 more times! You can just start in downward dog, no need to go back to child's pose, unless you want to!  Hope you enjoy this sequence! Let me know if you try Read More »

Never Too Young…


To teach mommy pointers in yoga  ;-)     Little moments like this captured, melts my heart and nourishes my soul <3 Appreciate every moment and day you have with your loved ones. This made me smile today, so I wanted to share it with all of you! He sure is a future yogi, and a cute one too! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! Katie xo   Read More »

My Healthier Summer Goals with Kohl’s


  **Kohl's provided me with gift cards to purchase these items. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   Summer time is the best time! Summer time means I can get outside more for some fitness! I plan on rocking a healthy summer over here, and thanks to my friends at Kohl's I am rocking some new fitness apparel to motivate me! YOGA is my main fitness Read More »

Sweet and Blissful Before Bed Yoga Sequence


Hey, friends! Got a great before bed yoga sequence you can do for a better nights sleep! I found this awesome sequence here, and tried it last week. It felt so awesome, I just had to share with you guys, and of course take some pics of me doing the poses instead of using her pics  ;-)   -Just want to note, after each pose, bring your legs back up straight to Read More »

What I Love Wednesday


Love yogurt messes with a side of karma  ;-) ( pear, greek yogurt, manuka honey, almond butter, kamut puffs )   Starting a day off with hot yoga and refreshing coconut water. ( I am on a mission to try every coconut water brand, to see my favorite. So far, vitacoco wins )   Loved getting outside to enjoy the beautiful ( before crazy storms Read More »

Diva Spill Friday


  1. Small, cute, and very giggly. Yup, that he is  :mrgreen:   2. Mamma Chia seeded my soul yesterday! A huge package arrived at my door , a box full of the two new flavors I have been wanting to try. Mamma Chia rocks, they are also one of our sponsors for "Glow Retreat" and we are so grateful to have them part of it. I love their products and all the Read More »

I’m Just Wondering…


  Why I got shorted when I was younger not having a million oreo flavors to choose from?! It was just plain oreos when I was younger, now there are 50 different flavors, including these gems I picked up for Mike and I. Raspberries are fruit, so these are healthy  ;-)   Can I move somewhere that I could do yoga outside in the sunshine daily? Felt awesome Read More »

Yoga Diva {Downward Facing Dog}


Downward Facing Dog, a pose I love and really feel the stretch in! Some days I find it hard to get comfortable in this pose, some days I get right into it fine, and some days I feel fidgety in it. Hey, yoga is a practice, not perfect! The day I took this photo, I was not comfy. My hamstrings were tight, and I just couldn't find my comfort right away, bending the knees helps Read More »