Diva Spill Friday

April 4, 2014
IMG 3339

  1. I think perhaps, I shall pin every single thing they have on lulus. So much cute stuff! 2. I attempted, and did have some success taking Rocco’s 9 month photos yesterday.  I managed to get some cute shots before mini meltdown 90210 happened. Haha, oh that is a framer! ( 9 month post […]

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Weird Dinner and other Tuesday Things

April 1, 2014
IMG 5403

  Well, I guess these are mostly Monday things I am sharing. But, it is Tuesday so yeahhhhhh. Yesterday was just a stay at home day, except for a couple errands which included getting the car washed since it was screaming for it! Rocco was screaming too, he hates the car wash! Lol. Oh, another […]

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MIMM #91Marvelous Moments of the Weekend

March 31, 2014

  Since the weekends I have YTT are crazy busy, and meaning it is just ALL yoga. I really don’t have time for anything else besides yoga, sleep, family, eat, repeat. I am enjoying yoga teacher training so much, but it is also a weekend where there is only that going on, and other time […]

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March 29, 2014

I am on weekend two of YTT 200 hour teacher training, and what a long weekend ahead I have. Last night was 7:30 to 10:30 Saturday 2:30 t0 8:30 Sunday 12:30 to 8:30 Weeeeeeeeeeee! Long weekends, but I am enjoying every moment of it. I am finding myself getting more in tune with my body, […]

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Diva Spill Friday

March 21, 2014
IMG 5008

  1. Red Robin is brilliant. Milkshakes made JUST for moms, ummm you have to see this! I will take one or two please  2. I am sore as ever today, especially after yesterdays power flow yoga class and the sculpt your asana class the night before. I am loving that I get to practice […]

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Marvelous in March

March 2, 2014

  Marvelous is just a word I fancy around here, as you guys know with the big weekly link of #MIMM every week. Well, of course there is always more marvelous in life than just a weekend of it, and I have some marvelous for the month I jotted down. Marvelous ideas and tips to […]

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What I Ate/Made Wednesday

January 22, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Damn, it has been a while since I hopped on the WIAW train, and I decided today would be a good day to. Well, technically it should be what I made Wednesday, since it’s recent recipes I cooked up! I ate them too, so that counts obviously, just not all on Wednesday. I […]

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My Endless Love

January 3, 2013
IMG 4951

  Happy FRIDAY! Yup, TGIF baby! I am looking forward to the weekend since we have Mike’s holiday party for work tomorrow night and we are getting our office all organized too! The elliptical gets set up Monday *fingers crossed* you have no idea what disaster has been going on with that the past 2 […]

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How I Plan My 2013

January 2, 2013

  2012 was so good to me, my family, and friends too! I made a dream board last year in the beginning of the new year 2012, have to say we knocked a lot off that board! All of the things really! ♥  We saved money, something we really want to do more in 2013 […]

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Fun First Survey

November 10, 2012

Happy Saturday! Hope the weekend is going great for everyone so far! We had a wonderful family dinner night out last night and went to Target after to look at christmas trees! We can get a BIG tree this year and we are a little over excited about that, no more small apartment tree! I […]

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So Far This Weekend

October 6, 2012
IMG 1452

  I rocked some bright jeans on a beautiful fall day yesterday… Went for a 45 minute walk with Mike and then sat on our deck to relax and hydrate after… I ate my veggies… I had a relaxing night just chilling with my boys and watching PITT football… I got up early and did […]

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On My Agenda October

October 2, 2012

  October is here! I meant to do this post yesterday since that was the first day of October but I didn’t want to nix MIMM! October 2nd is still early October, so here is what I have in store for the month! On My Agenda October…. 1. I am keeping up the walks and […]

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Diva Spill with Exciting News

September 28, 2012
41UbX35Om3L SL500 AA300

  1. I found that caramel almond butter I was talking about yesterday !  I hear it’s amazing and loaded with sugar, I want it! 2.  I have the prettiest mug I am drinking coffee out of this morning, thank you starbucks. 3. Want a more filling cereal bowl? Throw some almond butter on top […]

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What Wednesday

September 26, 2012
IMG 1072

  Happy Wednesday!  Two more days until the weekend which means Mike’s mom will be here soon! I am really excited for her visit since she has not seen our house yet! I have been trying to organize and make the house look great for her arrival! Today will be another day of organizing which […]

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A Minty Win and Loss

September 25, 2012

  Morning! Happy Tuesday! I have been a little stressed over here since yesterday. My camera has been acting up and I have no idea what happened! I have a canon rebel T1i and all of a sudden it is shooting blurry. I used to be able to shoot on close up and now when […]

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4 Fitness Goals Women Should Reach

August 21, 2012
IMG 9157

Tuesday evening almost already upon me here! Today for fitness, I did a 25 minute yoga flow of my own with music that included Lady Gaga, DJ Tiesto, and Rihanna. Yup, I love doing yoga dance style! ( still doing low intense stuff, best for ME! ) I rocked my luna headband during yoga too, […]

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Aiming in August!

August 2, 2012

  I really can’t believe it’s August already! The summer is flying by and I it is almost back to school time for Anthony! Woot Woot! I am not a “goal” setter type of girl as most of my loyal readers know, but I do like to strive for things I want daily, just basically […]

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