I Suck at Juice Cleanses




So I am not getting a juice cleanse award anytime soon  😯

I should of known I was not going to survive, but I also wanted to try the juice cleanse. Trying is not failing they say, right?

I survived for two days instead of three, but it was also half ass style. #truth

I didn’t just have juice like I said I was going to do in the first place. I had fruit like mangos, pineapples, mango, and avocado along with my juice. I could not survive without some food to chew.

Overall, I felt good!

Do I feel different? I felt more energy after just two days, but nothing else too noticeable. I only had one cup of green tea each day for some caffeine, and didn’t get a headache from less caffeine. I missed my coffee for sure, but opted for the green tea option.

Did I feel yucky at all on the cleanse? Nope, felt good.

I think you really have to be on a cleanse longer than 3 days to feel the effects, or maybe that is just how I feel. Maybe because I had some fruit with it, that is why I didn’t feel bad.

I give much kudos to people who do just a juice cleanse, and for a long stretch of days. Seriously, it is hard!

I decided to do only 2 days for a couple reasons…

  • I just needed damn food and didn’t want to torture myself anymore.
  • I now have intense yoga twice today, and knew I would not be smart to have just juice with this kind of day ahead.
  • I wanted to do my juice cleanse when I had no yoga and nothing planned, but there was a time constraint with the expiration dates.

So I survived 2 days, and I am proud of myself for that  😉

I do have a review of the juices to share with you guys. There were a couple I loved, and some not so much.

I would definitely buy a couple of these juices all the time if I was closer to my whole foods where they are sold!

Here is my rating style…

Ass or Pass. LOL.

–  PASS! Pineapple Goji Juice, which was juice one of the day.  This was so good, and I would drink this daily for sure!



PASS! Cucumber fresh was actually not that bad! I honestly thought I was going to hate it, but it was refreshing.



ASS!  Mean Green I did not like at all! I even tried to pair it with fruit to help, but it was so hard to get  down those two days.



ASS!  Twisted Roots. I thought this would be a win! I think if it had apple mixed in with it, it would of been great.Not as bad as the mean green, but still not one I would buy again.



PASS!  White Knight. I absolutely could drink this juice every day! If this was the only juice on the cleanse, I could do it for 5 days! Ha! This is a juice that I want to buy again, and would love to have for my morning breakfast mixed with some granola in a bowl! SO GOOD!



PASS!  Turmeric Tonic. This was the best lemon cayenne style juice I have EVER had. I tried a couple others before, but this is the best by far! I would buy this juice again too, and would love it to add into my days if I need a little detoxifying!



There you have it, my half ass juice cleanse!

Hey, I am not perfect, but at least I am honest  😉

Would I try a juice cleanse again? Well, never say never for sure. I think if I really had ZERO plans and no exercise I had to do, I could totally try again, but never for longer than 3 days. I don’t think i could survive linger than that.

I was happy I got to try Garden of Flavor juices, and now I have a couple favorites I need to buy to have here and there. White Knight, I seriously want stocked in my fridge!

Have a great day today friends!

Katie xo

Have you ever tried this brand of juice?

If you ever did a juice cleanse. how long did you do it for?

Anyone down for a froyo cleanse? Haha.

Was SO excited for my cereal this morning, like you have no idea how good this was!





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  1. says

    Giving up when you felt you couldn’t do it any longer isn’t failing – it’s listening to your needs and that’s pretty awesome! Good to hear you tried the cleanse but modified it to suit your life and, well, YOU – I’d need at least some fruit to chew on, too! Just juice for days… I couldn’t do it.
    When exactly did you say we were going to start the international blogger froyo cleanse? Are toppings allowed ;)?

  2. says

    so funny… we just talked about juice cleanses in class yesterday and how so many bloggers/nutritionists make them sound so easy and so glamorous. so happy that you’re honest and open about your experience. thank you! you are real katie and every one admires that about you. you definitely DID NOT fail <3 you're a winner for listening to your body, mind, and soul <3 you know your true balance and you're listening to it :)

    that cucumber one sounds fab and white knight looks so dreamy and creamy 😉 so lovely

  3. Katie says

    Thanks for being honest!! i love it. Plus listening to your body is BEST 😀 I could never go a day without food haha! That white knight tho… YUM!

  4. says

    I give you tons of credit for even giving it a try. I am not a fan of juice cleanses in the least. I’ll buy a single juice here and there but even then I’m like – Okay, now give me FOOD! 😉 LOL @ the ass vs pass!

  5. says

    You should be proud of yourself for sticking with it for 2 whole days. I don’t think I could go more than a few hours without real food. And I’ve also always disliked juice to begin with.

  6. Kim says

    I wouldn’t be able to do a juice cleanse. I get too tired and agitated without solid food. I’ll take fro-yo over juice anyday!

  7. Lauren C says

    I’m starting a one day juice cleanse today! I just need to get my appetite/ cravings back in check. I’m curious… did you weigh yourself before and after?

  8. says

    You are BRAVE with the juice cleanse! I am not really a juice drinker to begin with. I think of apple juice and my gag reflex kicks in. I love fruity wines and beers – do they have a cleanse for that :) Froyo with fresh fruit is a DO! I love my fruits and veggies and eat at least 4 to 6 servings a day if not 8 to 12 servings a day. Happy Thursday

  9. says

    I loved this post and your honesty!
    I did a juice cleanse for 10 days once and I really did love the benefits. There were hard days and at times my husband and I wanted to rip each other apart –> He did it too 😉 It was a life changing experience for us though, a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. But we had nothing but work/fun. No workouts or plans, which made it “easier”. As “easy” as a juice cleanse can be.

  10. says

    I’m a Juice Cleansing Coach and can say that yes indeed — most people start to feel better on Day 3 or 4. Also, you may need more juice to feel truly satisfied. I generally recommend to my clients at least a gallon of juice per day. Great job on this first attempt though – it sounds like it was a good reset regardless! :)

  11. says

    Half ass juice cleanse, hahaha. I did a juice cleanse once for three days, and I thought it was so hard. It’s been at least two years, and I haven’t even considered trying it again. I love the juices, but need some food to go with them, lol.

  12. Jessika Watt Sprung says

    I did this exact same juice cleanse along with you! I am NO WHERE NEAR as healthy as you are…so I had a different experience with it. Day 1 was a breeze. I agree with your “Ass or Pass” choices. Although I liked Mean Green more than Twisted Root. I could shoot Mean Green down no problem, and didn’t even TRY to drink Twisted Root the second day. I replaced it with a cup of green tea.

    Also, I had a SPLITTING headache afternoon of day 2. I think it was from no sugar/caffeine. I had a small piece of hard candy to bump me up and my headache went away. I also felt good enough to take a 5 mile stroll on day 2.

    I lost a couple of pounds and I feel great today!

    I would do this again….but my Whole Foods in Wexford, PA sells each bottle separately so it costs $98.99 for 2 days. So it’s a bit too expensive for me. Thanks Katie for the inspiration! Love you!

    • Healthy Diva says

      SO PROUD OF YOU for rocking the cleanse! Yes, I had to have some caffeine with mine too, or I would of had a headache! I am so glad it went great!

      THe twisted root I could do more than the mean green, but both not my fave! Haha!

      It is pricey, but I am so glad you did it! I love the white knight juice so much, and will be buying it again!

      Love you!


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