Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding Bowl


Got to love the nice Shrek Look in the morning!
























I used my favorite mask this morning, or as Mike calls it, My SHREK mask  😀

Boscia Clarifying mask, Love it, and have been using it for 2 years, it does not dry my skin out, and it deep cleans my skin!

If your looking for a new mask, and one that is great for sensitive skin, try this one  😉


Let’s move on to Prettier things  😀


My Breakfast Bowl  😉 Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding Bowl

Ingredients –

2 tbsp chia seeds

– 1/2 cup dry quick oats

– 1 cup of almond milk ( little more if you want )

– 1 packet of truvia

– 1 tbsp Cacao Powder ( chocolate goodness !! )

– 1/2 scoop of SunWarrior Protein Powder

Frozen Berries  Mix on bottom

*  Place Berries in bottom of a bowl,  top with the mixture of all the ingredients mixed together above, and let sit in fridge overnight, covered



Topped it with some Protein Frosting and Bear Naked Granola  😉


Mix all together and Enjoy! This was AMAZING! Chocolate Berry Bliss! You must try this! Best Chia Bowl Ever!

I want more!


A new coffee flavor was enjoyed this morning too, Caramel Truffle 😀

I picked it up at the store yesterday, I sometimes like to get the smaller sample sizes, so I can try it and see if Mike and I will like it, it was AMAZING! I will be taking my booty back to the store to buy a BIG bag ! Yum!

My favorite creamer EVER in the world is in that pic too  😉 SoDelicious Coconut Milk Creamer


What is your FAVORITE flavor Coffee Ever ?!

Mine I have to say is DD Strawberry Shortcake  😀 I love a french vanilla kind too !


Off to get this DAY started!

– Tanning ( project paleness go away has started )

– Grocery Shopping ( just need food for 3 days, not too bad, we are off to PA Friday )

– Mall , I think I found my Bachelorette Dress but want to still look ( show you soon )

– Wedding To – Do’s ( woot woot ! )


Make it a Fabulous day!

Katie xoxo


Exercise to Try Today –

Want to get some Toned Guns :mrgreen: Try this at home arm workout from

Click Here ! It’s almost summer time, get those arm looking sexy  😆

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  1. says

    Honestly I really like any medium roast coffee — but I like the flavored creamers. BUT I have not tried that strawberry shortcake coffee and I really want to. So that may become my favorite instead!

    I can’t wait to see your Bach party dress — I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

    • Katie says

      Yes, its a target! U got to try it!

      I found a fuschia pink dress at forever 21, I think I might wear that! Will post pic!!!

  2. says

    That face is priceless :) You rock the “Shrek” look well!

    If I ever spot that creamer I’m nabbing it right away. Your coffee is always so pimped! Every time I drink coffee it’s just plain black maaaybe with a little flavoured creamer. Rarely any fancy coffee flavours either. No wonder I’m bored with my morning java!

    I’ve been thinking about doing a little tanning too. I’m tired to being SO pale, I need a little colour boost!

  3. susan says

    I got to try that mask,my skin needs a boost, floored tired after doing overnight in work all weekend and last night. Lying back with an easy read, no cleaning today, wiped out. Have a birthday lunch to go to tomorrow, hope all is going well for your fun bachelorette wkend!

  4. says

    Haha when I first glanced at this pic I didn’t realize you had a mask on and was like…wow she looks pale!! I have zero patience for masks because I always want to touch them, haha. Same way with whitening strips for my teeth! Have a wonderful day love!!

  5. MB says

    love love loving that chia bowl!

    fave coffee flave: coconut marshmallow from world market/cost plus with a shot of sugar free coconut syrup and unsweetened coconut milk. i die!!

    can’t wait to see your dress!! :)

    • Katie says

      Wow that sounds amazing!!! coconut marshmallow!! yummy!!!!!!!

      I found just a pink dress at forever 21, its cute!!

  6. says

    LOVE Boscia products! Have you tried their black mask!? SCARY AS HECK haha!

    Mmm that bowl looks amazeeeballs!


  7. says

    Heh, love the Shrek mask.:-) The chia seed pudding breakfast looks wonderful! I haven’t been trying a lot of coffee flavors, usually just blends from Trader Joe’s with flavored homemade hemp milk, usually peppermint, chocolate or vanilla.


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