Core Power Giveaway!

I am VERY excited about this awesome giveaway I have to share with you guys today! A product I actually got to try for the first time back at “Blend Retreat” in 2012, and loved!

Core Power protein!

The first pre-made protein drink that I actually liked, and thought tasted great!

I am excited for Core on this amazing news….

Core Power was recently named the “Official Protein Drink of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.” 

Pretty awesome, and btw the olympic winter games are my favorite to watch. Mike and I can’t wait to watch them, we really enjoy so many events, we pretty much go in olympic watching hibernation when they are on. We have to wait 4 years, well worth the wait! Summer olympics just don’t intrigue us very much.

Well Core Power was so awesome to send me this amazing package, kick ass package actually!

– This sweet new gym bag, which included a yoga mat on top too!

IMG 2048

I already used my yoga mat once…

IMG 1967

– Water bottle and towel….

IMG 2046

– Exercise  ball, which we needed a new one at home over here, so very happy about that!

IMG 2047

– Core Power protein drinks!

IMG 2049

I actually never tried the banana or chocolate ones, but the strawberry banana was the one I tried at blend. Love it!

I actually broke that open and had it for breakfast yesterday, since I had no time to make a smoothie, Rocco was up and hates the blender! I didn’t want to torture him, since he had a rough night.

IMG 2035

I am so grateful for the amazingness they sent me, and VERY grateful they are letting me offer one of my readers to win this package of goodies too!

Yup, one of YOU can get your core power on too!

So I will make this giveaway simple, since I like simple!



Win all the goodies in the above picture, plus some ready to go protein drinks too that I shared above!

To Enter…


– Tell me how you would #powerYOURrecovery with Core Power!

– Follow @CorePower on twitter! ( leave comment telling me you did! )

Leave a separate comment for each entry please!

**Good luck! Giveaway will end Monday January 20th, 2014! 

Have a great rest of the day!

Katie xo



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  1. Kaitlin says

    I’d power my recovery for a later afternoon snack! This is the time I want to eat the entire fridge… so a protein-packed drink would be filling and portable. Thanks for an awesome giveaway :)

  2. Caitlin F. says

    Oh yum! I’d love to mix a little of the banana flavor in with my Kashi’s cereal for an extra protein boost.

  3. Becky Johnson says

    I would use the core power protein drink to fuel up after I workout. I’m always looking for something protein packed that will fuel me up. Great giveaway! Don’t use twitter though.

  4. Maggie says

    I recently got to try the banana one after the Twin Cities Marathon! I usually hate banana flavored things but this was awesome and didn’t make my tummy do crazy things like many products do!

  5. Jenn D says

    I’d #powerYOURrecovery by using it as a quick breakfast after early morning workouts–a necessity with a teething baby!

  6. Megan says

    I’ve been working out regularly doing cardio some days and weights others for several years now, but just recently have been starting to work toward building up my muscles so I’ve been looking for some protein drinks as an easy way to amp up my protein intake!

  7. says

    I would love to power my recovery through with a shake soon after my workout was complete. That is one thing that I need to work on after working out. The recovery.

  8. kolya says

    I need a new ball for my desk “chair” to work on my core…not to mention the mat (mine is gross), smoothies (I live in my car sometimes!) and a bag to carry it all in.

    Love this!

  9. says

    I would #powermyrecovery by drinking them with each meal as they would add calories for me during my recovery from anorexia. Seeing as though I need upwards of 3,000 calories, liquid calories really help me obtain that goal each day! :)

  10. Jessica Rodgers says

    I would power up after my Pure Barre home workout before going to school! :) These seem like the perfect thing to take on the road with me when driving.

  11. Colbi says

    I live doing Zumba and dance central on the xbox or hitting the treadmill! Definitely need to refuel after that and teaching all preschool all day! (And chasing my own mini me’s around at home!)

  12. Jessica says

    I recently started going to yoga classes on a regular basis, and I love it! It would be fun have a bag and mat combo. It would also be great to have an exercise ball for home use!

  13. says

    I would use it as a refuel after a long run or a snack to keep me going at work when I have longer hours to put in. I don’t have a typical lunch schedule and work while moving so to have something quick and with tons of protein would be perfect!

  14. says

    Yum I love core power chocolate light it’s so good! I would definitely drink one after a workout or as a snack since they aren’t too many cals!

  15. sue says

    i would def make good use of that water bottle to remind myself to keep hydrated. so simple but always something i forget to do!

  16. says

    I would love to have some Core Power for after teaching my fitness classes. I’m always quick to head home to feed the baby so something for on-the-go is great! :)

  17. says

    I would love to try to the chocolate one after a morning workout as part of my breakfast/recovery drink! Yummy!
    These goodies would be such a good motivator to get back in the gym…finally.!

  18. Casie says

    I would have it in those hours between afternoon and evening–a little bit before I do my daily workout, but right as I start feeling absolutely starved for a snack! It would be great to grab something that tastes good and is good for both me and the exercise I’ll be doing not too later on!

  19. Darla says

    I’d #powerYOURrecovery after my workout & try blending the different flavors into smoothies, wonder how that’d taste?

  20. says

    I’d love to use it for the same reason you are, a quick fuel packed breakfast. WIth my little one, I’ve found it hard at times to get a good breakfast in fast. I’d love to try the banana one and put some chocolate syrup in it ; )

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