Diva Spill Friday

1. My back and pretty much all the bones in my body hurt this morning. Sleeping on the nursery floor does that, but so worth it for my little man, teething wars are bad over here! Send coffee and wine, no seriously. I will pay in cookies and nail polish, or you can have some wine with me too! Cheers! I can’t wait for my little man to feel better!

2. I was a pinning fool last night since I got no sleep, I just pinned away on my beauty board. I just ordered this mask, hear it’s amazing and I can’t wait to try it out.

3.  Dinner was good, but not typical stir fry style last night. Mahi mahi burger, veggies, brown rice, and coconut aminos.

IMG 2414

4.  Rocco’s new favorite toy is the crawl and play car, so glad we gram and great grand pap got him this for christmas. He looks so damn cute in it too, cracks me up how funny he looks in there!

IMG 2402

5. Don’t buy these unless you buy two bags, I finished one bag in two days. Yummy and new snack I am loving, I love snacks with a crunch. Lesser Evil has so many good products!

IMG 2411

6. Best thing ever, warm and fuzzy socks. It’s below zero here again today, I am thankful for looking ridiculous, but I am warm.

IMG 2409

7. Ok, ok, I might just need to buy these JUST to see how good they are. Really?! I mean when I was little it was just plain old oreo, now there are crazy flavors of them! I don’t think we even had double stuffed until I was older, and that was excitement.

IMG 2408

8.  Weekend plans are STAY WARM, haha! We really don’t have any set plans besides maybe getting some dinner out tomorrow, oh and I have my shoot Sunday for a new profile pic for blog. I had to cancel last Sunday, so I am happy I will get that done, much needed new pics for my blog profile and social media outlets too!

9. THIS. <3

IMG 2420

10. Make sure to always make some “me time” each day, mine looked like this last night….

IMG 2419

Happy Friday! Stay warm if it is frigid near you! I have to run to the grocery store today, I will be layering up for sure!

Katie xo

Any big weekend plans?

What do you think about the new oreo flavors? Who else still just loves the original classic? Oh, and how do you eat your oreo? I always just dipped mine in milk, I loved getting it real soggy and then drinking the milk full of yummy oreo crumbs on the bottom!

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  1. says

    I remember eating the huge Oreos back in the day – it was 1 big Oreo that was probably the size of my hand.
    I just looked at the weather for Madison–it’s not pretty. Brrrrr.

  2. says

    i’ve never had any of the new oreo flavors… though i must admit…. the cookie dough one intrigues me… especially since i can’t have any real raw cookie dough right now lol and that picture is the cutest – i’m totally sending it to my sister!

  3. says

    I just heard about the new oreos yesterday and am officially on the hunt for them this weekend. Cookie dough sounds divine! Have a great weekend hun! Stay warm!

  4. Jenn says

    sorry to hear about Rocco’s tough teething. when did his teething pains begin? and has it been constant since then? i have a 5 mo old, and am worried about when that will begin!

    • Healthy Diva says

      I feel like he has has the teething symptoms since 3.5 months, it stinks :p

      I hope your 5 month old does not have teething bad, some babies don’t!

  5. says

    Can’t wait to see your new pics! I’m sure they’ll be gorg. If I had your address I would send you some coffee. Hopefully the little man has a better time sleeping this weekend despite the teething.

  6. says

    Love your cute socks!

    And I’m all about the traditional Oreos, but I will say, I do LOVE the peanut butter ones! Those cookie dough ones definitely intrigue me…probably enough to buy them to at least try them out! Some of the other “flavors” weird me out though.

    Have you given Rocco Tylenol?? I don’t ever like to “over-medicate” Hunter, but sometimes when I’m desperate, Tylenol is what it comes down to, and it always works.

    • Healthy Diva says


      I love the candy cane oreos they come out with around the holidays, those ones are sooooooooo good!

      No, we have not done tylenol, but might need to if it gets worse!

      happy weekend!

  7. says

    MMM.. that stirfry combo sounds/looks amazing!

    I did eat oreo’s when I was younger and I too loved dunking – I still love dunking pretty much anything into almond milk but I always prefer home made cookies over oreos.

    I am working a Motorcycle Show for the whole weekend should pretty fun with lots of exciting stuff to see :)

    Happy Friday!

  8. Jenn says

    I’ve wanted to order the Glam Glow mask for a while! I tried a sample from Sephora and it is amazing–you really do see it clearing your pores!

  9. says

    Love #4 and #9 and always do #10 for myself too:) I still enjoy a good Oreo the old school way – dunk in milk til soggy. I am just going to see where the weekend takes me for now – nothing planned right now. Happy Weekend!

  10. Yaara says

    Aww poor baby and mama!! I’m sending healing vibes to Rocco’s poor little gums and I hope your back gets better. When you get a quick moment maybe soak in the tub? You can maybe take Rocco in with you. It would soothe your bones and you can give him gentle massage. Hugs to you guys! Love ya!

  11. says

    So I know I am a minority here, but I cannot stand Oreo cookies whatsoever.
    I remember I’d always trade them or throw them out if my mom put them in my lunch box in elementary school! LOL.

    My Aunt, though, is basically freaking out over these new flavors. I told her to dip the cookie dough ones in cookie butter, and she proceeded to tell me that she will never speak to me again, and just the thought is making her pants feel snug 😉

    Have a great Friday!

    • Healthy Diva says

      hey, not everyone likes them!

      OH I bet she is! I saw lemon ones today, had no idea they had that flavor! Seriously so many flavors, it’s crazy! I hope she gets them and enjoys, brilliant idea with the cookie butter!

      Happy weekend! <3

  12. says

    I hope you get some better sleep this weekend, that can’t be fun for any of you! If I had your address, I would happily send coffee, and wine, and chocolate! Those Oreos sound great, but cookie dough cookies is confusing me a little! I’m off to a tea ceremony today, will even get dressed up in a kimono, very exciting! Have a good weekend!

  13. says

    Oh my gawd – Joshua and I heard about those oreos! So sad that Kuwait doesn’t get them :( :(

    & a photo shoot sounds fabulous. I’m sure they’ll turn out beautiful. Have fun!

  14. says

    I hope you feel better soon! I’d send you coffee if I could! :)
    Pinterest can get pretty addicting sometime. Hours can go by without you realizing it. Opps.. 😉
    The stir fry looks yummy and I can’t wait to try the new oreo flavors. 😀
    Good luck with the cold temps!

  15. Nikki says

    I read some reviews on the Oreo already and the marshmallow one seems to be winning out. I think it would be unique for a pie crust

  16. says

    Loved the update! The stir fry looks so good, just might have to whip up something similar when I get home! And as for the Oreos…I am so tempted! Their new flavors look amazing! Why must junk food always come up with incredible new ideas all the time? Haha.

    I am new to your blog but I am already loving it! So creative and the food you make looks awesome!

    I am just starting out with blogging and training on my site, would love to connect!

    Have a great Sunday!!

    • Healthy Diva says

      I know, right?! I think the cookie dough ones would be fun to bale with 😉

      Thank you so much! I will have to stop by yours, welcome to the blog world!

      Happy Sunday! <3

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