Diva Spill Friday

1. Yesterday, the first daycare visit did not go over too well  😯  Rocco screamed the whole half hour, he was a wreck, and mommy drank a whole bottle of wine after. Haha. I know Rocco will be upset the first few times he goes, but he will get used to it. We are doing another visit today, I will stay for a little and then leave. Say prayers for us!

2. I really love these clif mojo bars, but really don’t know why they are so much smaller now! Mike and I used to buy these all the time, but now feel like they are not worth it. A good snack yesterday, but please full bars come back!



3. Last night I taught an awesome kids yoga class, with two new kids that signed up! I love teaching the kids, and we also do some fun games that involve running around, keeping them moving. My basic yoga class at 7pm was jam packed, I was nervous again. My biggest class I have taught yet!  I still get nervous every time, but I know this will slowly fade away with time. I am just so grateful I am teaching and I am learning each time I teach too. The students in my class really enjoyed it and that was awesome to hear!

4. Dinner last night. Sometimes cereal is what is I crave for dinner, and I roll with it.



5. Rocco is just so cute in a romper. I love how short and roley poley he looks in one!



6.  I was excited to put this new sweetener in my overnight chia berry oats this morning, good stuff! NuNaturals has this new cocoa sweetener out, it’s also good just mixed in almond milk! Chocolate milk  😉



7. My sister did a group text with my sisters and I last night, and sent this video in it…Jamison is walking!!!! I seriously thought Jamison would come out walking, haha! He is such a strong and solid little guy! I love technology when it comes to stuff like this! We all were so proud! Here is the little man taking steps!


8.   Moms of little ones 12 months and up, these little bath toys are fun and a hit with Rocco! I picked these up at Target this past week on sale, since Rocco needed some new bath toys. He likes them a lot!



9.  This weekend we have no plans, which is AMAZING! I am so happy we have a weekend of relaxing, go with the flow, and just at home. I plan on taking a hot yoga class Saturday morning and that’s about it. Rest of the weekend will be time with my love, watching movies, walks, and hopefully froyo!

10. Some articles of interest that I saw this week….

5 foods you didn’t know you can freeze!

How to make your manicure last longer.

58 facts that will blow your mind in only one sentence!

the 15 next big fitness trends!

Have a great weekend, friends! Make the most of it and live it up!

Katie xo

What is on your weekend agenda?

Do you sometimes have cereal for dinner? It’s the besssssst!



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  1. says

    I just had cereal for lunch :)

    I love babies in rompers and Rocco looks so cute in his. I’m trying to decide if I can still get Charlie in one for the summer lol.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend! I have to take Ava to a birthday party, then for a sleepover at Grandma’s with Noah.

  2. Kattreena says

    Oh my goodness! I just read the 58 facts, and seriously thinking about the fact that 1998 is as far away as 2030 is freaking me out!! I’ve been realizing lately how fast time goes! I think because I’m approaching 25 it’s really hitting me.. Time just flies!! So crazy!! Have a great day, girl! :)

  3. Susan says

    So proud of you, glad the yoga teaching is going great. Enjoy your relaxed weekend, love the weekends when we have no plans. Having a lazy day here, reading on the couch, cooking from the book the art of eating well and will do piyo later. Wish you were here

  4. says

    Sometimes I end up eating cereal for dinner after I come home from yoga at night and just need something really quick. It’s best accompanied by some tv time ;). Hope Rocco’s visit goes better today!

  5. Kim says

    So glad teaching is going well! I’m sure Rocco will get used to day care in no time. I still remember crying my first day of kindergarten!

  6. says

    Oh No! Sweet Cheeks what are you doing to your mama! Hopefully with time he will adjust – he is use to being with you and it is BIG Change for him. Wishing You Both the BEST – Good Luck :)

    Jamison is walking – that is such COOL news – Yay!

    Happy Weekend :)

  7. Katie says

    I’m going to shopping (sidewalk sales!) & going to chalkfest :) & YES cereal for dinner is the best 😉

  8. Michelle says

    I cannot eat cereal. Growing up I would eat it for breakfasts as the mornings were too busy for anything else but now, I just cannot go near the stuff – breakkie for supper sure, but more on the bacon, eggs, toast level!
    I’m curious though, on simple supper nights do you, Mike, and Anthony just do your own thing or do you all eat cereal, if you do nightly dinners together? I’m the main cook in my house and, while cereal would get some raised eyebrows, easing into a ‘everyone grab what you want and join me at the table’ night would be nice once in a while!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Well, most nights we all eat similar, but on nights I teach, they do their own thing! Sometimes though, I prep dinner ahead of time for them! Just depends! Anthony is not home a lot in the summer either, he stays with my parents a lot! He helps my mom with her business and likes doing that! :)

      Happy weekend!

      • Michelle says

        I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one pre-cooking meals for my boys! I know that they are capable but…..!!!!
        Anthony is lucky to have a family business to help with. My teen son has been looking for summer work but with no luck yet. Hopefully, he’ll find something which he can keep for weekends during the school year.
        Happy Weekend to you too!!!!

  9. Pua says

    Please tell me you ate some of that bar before you snapped a picture because there’s 1/3 of it missing! Is it seriously that small?! Refund… LOL

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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