Fitbit Flex Giveaway!


Happy Wednesday! I have been excited for this post since I shared my post about my new fitbit flex with you guys the other day. If you didn’t read that post, check it out here.

You can get some sweet rewards from Sears/Kmart for reaching running or walking goals with your fitbit!

Well, since some of you might not have a fitbit….

How about a giveaway?




You can have a chance to win one of your own, and join the fit studio program to earn points for Sears/Kmart!

I have been loving my fitbit, and been trying hard to reach my 10,000 step goals daily. I only hit my goal two days , and the past two days I didn’t. But let me tell you, holy calorie burn I had in hot yoga from it on Monday night!

This was from a good day I had on Saturday, surpassed my goal!



I really find myself being more active , which is great since I am a SAHM and don’t move around as much, especially with winter. Now spring/summer weather I know I will be reaching my 10,000 goals! Rocco and I will be out and about all the time!

If you want to friend me on fitbit, Katie Gagliano on there!

Now is your chance to win one!

Fitbit Flex Giveaway

Rules :

( US only ) Separate comment for EACH entry!

  •  Sign up for Fitstudio , it’s free and easy to sign up! Let me know you did!
  • Tell me why you would want to win this fitbit flex?
  • What spring/summer fitness goals do you have on the agenda?

Good luck friends! Giveaway will end Monday March 31st, 2013.

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  1. says

    I’m a SAHM too trying my best to balance taking care of my kids, managing the household, and staying fit! This winter has been absolute killer since we’ve been stuck inside so much; however, I feel like I’m running up and down stairs all day and running after my kids so it would be really cool to have that logged in a Fitbit Flex!

  2. says

    -I want to win this fitbit flex because I have heard great things about it and I want to compare it to my Jawbone Up, especially since I want to break up with my Up.

    -My spring goal is to continue working on speed and PR at a 10K in May. My summer goal is to kick off fall marathon training.

  3. says

    -I want to win this fitbit flex because I have heard great things about it and I want to compare it to my Jawbone Up, especially since I want to break up with my Up.


  4. says

    My spring/summer fitness goals are to FINALLY incorporate outdoor runs into my weekly routine again. Also, to finish studying and sit for my group fitness instructor exam for national certification!

  5. says

    i want to win a fitbit flex so i can see if i’m reaching my 10,000 steps goal! i think i am since i’m pretty active teaching fourth graders all day, but i’d love to know for sure!

  6. Marybeth says

    I would love to win because I’ve been looking at all the various activity trackers and can’t decide which to get. Decision made!

  7. Jackie says

    I would love to win this! I think it would give me motivation to move more. I also would like to start running outside once the weather warms up! And since i don’t have a sports watch that tells me my distance this would be perfect!

  8. says

    I think a fitbit would be super cool for me to transition from college to real world–since I walk a ton now, it’d be interesting to see how I can keep up that amount of walking in the future.

  9. Emily G says

    I tried to sign up for Fitstudio but afer I filled in everything and tried to click the “create profile” button it wouldn’t work…I tried a couple times and guess I will have to try it again at a later date.

    I want to win this fitbit flex to never have to wonder if I have done enough physical activity that day…it’s kind of a no brainer to have it to track activities for you and make your life easier :)

    My spring/summer fitness goals are to try to remain as active and healthy as possible during my pregnancy :)

  10. Erin Broadbent says

    Tell me why you would want to win this fitbit flex?
    I would LOVE to win this b/c lately I’ve been struggling a lot. I had lost all motivation to finish losing weight, finally found it and got sick. Drs haven’t figured out exactly what is wrong, so that is tiring and stressful as well. I’m not sleeping all that well, so a fitbit would be awesome to help track my sleep; as well as to help me track my fitness so I can work on staying healthy while I figure stuff out!

  11. Erin Broadbent says

    What spring/summer fitness goals do you have on the agenda?
    I would like to lose some weight and then also tone up a little bit. I am trying to get back into yoga as I also need some major stress relief! So hopefully adding yoga to my days will help with that as well!

  12. Lizzie says

    I would love to win a Fitbit Flex because I used to be an everyday runner and the last few months I haven’t been able to run much because of a knee injury. Now that I am getting better, I have been able to increase my activity a little. I would love to know the steps and excercise that I am getting without running because I have been down in the dumps without knowing the mileage I used to be covering on the treadmill! Please this would be so cool to actuslly win!!!

  13. Lizzie says

    My spring/summer fitness goals are to get back to running but allow my knee to fully heal so I will challenge myself to slowly approach running and try and listen to my body. I will continue staying active and lifting weights, toning my abs, and having fun while staying in motion!!

  14. Abby says

    I would like to have a fitbit because I recently got a new job that is much more sedentary and I want to motivate myself to get out and exercise after work!

  15. Abby says

    My spring goal is to PR in a 10K at the end of April, and I have 2 half marathons on the calendar for summer. I am 8 months postpartum with a 2 year old at home as well, so training has been tricky, but I know I can do it!

  16. Becky J says

    I would love this! I’m a SAHM who has about 120 pounds more to lose. I’ve lost 55 so far. This tool would really help me stay more active and would help me speed up my weight loss! So excited and hoping to win!

  17. Becky J says

    My goals this spring/summer is to be more dedicated to working out and eating my veggies. I also plan to get outside more with my daughter and take walks. This would be perfect to help.

  18. Jessica Rodgers says

    I would love to win the FitBit Flex so that I can track my steps per day and see the calories that I am burning through Pure Barre and other exercises. Also, so that I can keep track of my sleeping. I have horrible migraines, so I don’t alway sleep well and would love to track some data on this.

    My goal is to continue with my Pure Barre at home and increase my number of times a week I do my DVDs. With the FitBit Flex, I would be pushed to do the DVDs to reach my steps and to see the results right in front of me in the form of numbers! :)

  19. Maggie says

    I’m so curious about what my stats would be. I think a fitbit might get me to move around more during the day!

  20. Alli S says

    I would love to win so I could see how many steps (or lack thereof) I take each day! I think it would be some great motivation!!

  21. Alli S says

    My summertime goal is to run my first half marathon! That’s a huge goal for me since running is not something I really enjoy!

  22. Tracey says

    I wear a heart rate monitor for trips to the gym and classes and I find that it motivates me to give that little extra push to burn those calories. I’m certain that monitoring my behavior all day would be super motivating – ie extra time walking the dog (when I wouldn’t necessarily put on a heart rate monitor)! Those extra steps up and down stairs would seem more meaningful too!

  23. Jennifer says

    Would love to win this because I am a Momma too, my guy is right around Rocco’s age so I think this would be great to help me lose those last baby pounds and get in shape for spring! Awesome giveaway hope I win!

  24. Jennifer says

    Summer fitness goal is to fit in workouts with my current Mommy schedule and be proud of whatever I can do each day!

  25. Kaitlin G says

    I’d love to win this because it would remind me to MOVE! Between my grad classes and work, I sit a lot and having the band would really be a reminder

  26. Sara says

    I am coming back from a very severe runners knee/IT band injury that side lined me from pretty much all exercise (even walking was extremely painful) for nearly 6 months. It has been awful trying to get back into shape, particularly given what I used to do before the injury (5-7 mile runs several times a week) and facing what I can do now. It would be great to have a fit bit now that I’m easing back into fitness to set realistic goals for myself and feel good about accomplishing them! I have heard great things about the fitbit and would LOVE to try one for myself.

  27. Ashley says

    I would love the fitbit to motivate myself to get at least 10,000 steps in daily! It would be awesome to see how many steps I really do get in!

  28. nisha says

    My husband has been putting off adding exercise to his schedule for a while now. I would love to gift this to him and motivate him to start working out :)

  29. Yajaira says

    I joined FitStudio! After hearing about FitBit, I am dying to have one of my own.

    I would love one of my own, to help motivate me to get active. I have been pretty inactive since starting a new job. I think this will be something that will be a constant reminder to get moving.

  30. says

    I would love to win it so I could get a glimpse into what my sleep cycle looks like. I have extremely vivid dreams on a daily basis and would love to see the quality of sleep I’m getting. Plus who doesn’t love a new fitness gadget? 😉

  31. Stacy says

    I would love to win the Fitbit because I like to be able to see my progress and hold myself accountable for doing some activity every day.

  32. Stacy says

    One goal I have for Spring is to finally get back outside and walk. Winter has been so long this year and I can’t wait to get out!

  33. Marissa W. says

    I am now a part of the fitstudio team! I signed up this morning! Yay!

    I want to win the fitbit flex because I want to be able to track my daily activity. I walk a lot on campus at school and I spend an hour a day doing cardio because I don’t know how long I really need to be working out to burn a decent amount of calories. I would love to know how many calories I an burning and how much walking I do each day.

    This spring/summer I plan in achieving a few fitness goals. I I want to focus on sitting less and moving more. I want to find more creative and fun ways to exercise. I want to also add weights into my workouts, and go hiking!

    Have a great day Katie!

  34. Michelle W says

    I’m just getting back into shape after having a baby and would love a Fitbit to help me with this journey!

  35. Danielle J. says

    I’d like to win this fitbit flex because I’d like to start tracking my daily activities and set goals based upon my own personal results.

  36. Danielle J. says

    My spring/summer fitness goals are to get a better grasp on the mind-body connection and to learn to better regulate my breathing pattern. I’d also like to develop tighter core strength and to loose most of (if not all) my belly fat. Last goal is to not be too hard on myself thru this slow process.

  37. Nicole says

    I would love this because I can track my steps and make sure I move around a lot during the day. It can be so tough working 9-5 at a desk job and commuting 40 minutes each way so I need to work on moving more!

  38. Shelby S says

    I would want to win the Fitbit because I really think putting it on every morning and seeing it on my wrist all day would remind me to get up and move more!

  39. Nicole says

    My spring/summer goal is to tone up! I am getting married in the Fall and definitely want to start looking leaner now :)

  40. Shelby S says

    My spring and summer goals are to get outside more, I’ve basically hibernated all winter and really need to make a habit of getting outside and get moving!

  41. Kristie says

    I would love to win this, bc I have been working so hard to become healthier, and while I have lost 40 pounds, I still have another 40 pounds I am trying to lose, so this would motivate me and keep me accountable to keep moving toward my goals!

  42. says

    I would love a fitbit flex just to track some of the things I do on the daily. I’m always curious about those types of things because they’re always surprising!

  43. Katrina says

    I’d love to win the fitbit because I always wonder how much activity I get each day! Especially when I’m sitting at a desk all day…aahh!!

  44. says

    I would love to win this Fitbit because I’ve heard nothing but great things about it! I work from home which keeps my activity levels too low. Using the Fitbit can help me change that :)

  45. katy says

    My summer fitness goals are to lose weight and tone up. Also, to incorporate healthier food into family meals.

  46. Kristen says

    I’d love to win–also a stay at home mom, the encouragement to move more would be great! And the sleep tracking would be quite interesting :-)… Oh those little ones (+ my lack of sleep)!

  47. Rachel says

    I would love to win the FitBit Flex because my wedding is in 3 months and it would help me get fit and lose some weight before my big walk down the aisle.

  48. Tara C. says

    The FitBit is such a great idea! I would be interested in tracking my sleep habits and to see how much I really move through out the day.

  49. Tara C. says

    My Spring/Summer fitness goals are to reach my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level! Oh and I should start training for a race I have coming up in May!

  50. sue says

    on my agenda is to run my first race! whether it be a 5k or a half marathon, i want to sign up for and run one!

  51. sue says

    i would love having a fitbit to “remind” me to get up from my desk and move more often. although i always tell myself i’ll get up every half hour or so to get away from the computer for a bit, i always forget!

  52. says

    I would love to win because I lose weight very very quickly so it would be amazing to know exactly how many calories I burn so that I don’t lose and know which days I need to eat more to compensate the calories burned!

  53. Tara says

    My spring/summer goal is to stay in half marathon training shape, and keep up w/the daily weights workouts.

  54. Tara says

    I would love a fitbit to get me to move more during working days. I have the train station right outside my door, but only go 3 stops before changing trains. I need to skip the first train and walk to the connecting station-gets a good 1/2 mile in each way. This fitbit will keep me accountable for that I am sure!!

  55. Brooke says

    I’m training for my 5th marathon and am selling/building/moving. I would love to wear the fitbit as we pack and move boxes around. It would be interesting to see just how much ground we cover!

  56. Stacey Chun says

    I would love to win a FitBit Flex because I think it will help me get motivated to get active by being able to track my physical activity.

    Ever since I changed to my job (sitting at a desk all day), I’ve felt unhealthy. I try to get up and walk whenever I can, but having a FitBit will definitely help me reach my fitness goals. I also plan on doing a 25 mile ride to support the American Diabetes Association. What better way to improve my confidence and help motivate others to reach their fitness goals?!

  57. Lisa says

    I want a fitbit for the same reasons as you. I work in an office where I’m stationary most of the day. I feel like this would hold me accountable and give me mini goals to get me up and moving more often.

  58. Lisa says

    My spring fitness goal is to get through my first 5k. To some it’s not much but to me it’s a huge accomplishment.

  59. Debbie says

    I signed up for FitStudio and it is fantastic! I would really like to win the Fitbit Flex because I want to keep better track of calories I burn in a day and my sleep patterns. I keep a journal now but I feel that is only helping so much. I am planning on running my first ever 10K on the 4th of July and I think this would be a great way to stay on track.

  60. says

    I have been wanting one of these since they first came out! I’d love to have one to track how much I’m actually moving. As someone who tends to under eat, it would be helpful to know my daily burn so I can make sure that I’m getting in all the calories I need. I’m also a horrible sleeper, so I’d love to be able to track my sleep habits in hopes of getting some better sleep!

  61. Jenna says

    I would love to win a fitbit to keep track of my activity and my goals in line for a better me, for my husbands deployment homecoming this summer!

  62. Megan says

    I have been wanting a fitbit flex, this giveaway would be an awesome one to win! I went from being a stay at home mom, back to work, and will soon be resuming my status as a stay at home mom. The first year I did feel like I sat a lot, but as soon as my little one became mobile, some days end and I feel like I’ve barely stopped moving!

  63. Megan says

    My spring/summer fitness goal is to build some muscle. I weight train regularly but feel like I need to mix things up and/or go heavier to see a difference.

  64. kristen says

    I signed up at fitstudio!

    I have wanted a fitbit for a few months but it’s not in my budget

    I want to get ready for my friend’s fall wedding

  65. says

    I’m already set with my Fitbit One but I do have a question … when you say you got quite a burn from your yoga. Did you add it manually? My Fitbit doesn’t pick up yoga or weight training at all (as it isn’t a step related activity).

  66. Devon says

    I would love to win a Fitbit so I could keep track of my own steps per day. It is a great motivator to just keep moving!

  67. Devon says

    My spring/summer fitness goals include training for my first half marathon! With the warmer weather outside it is a great time to start getting longer runs in. I am really excited to train with my twin sister, who is also going to run her first half marathon with me!

  68. Farrah says

    So excited to join Fit Studio!

    I talk walks everyday (well… when it’s at least 45 degrees!) with my baby and pup. I would LOVE to win this fitbit and be able to track distance walked and calories burned on the walks and throughout my day. I also practice yoga daily with the Yoga Studio App and it’s awesome that the fitbit can calculate how much my body is moving for exercises besides walking.

    As a SAHM mom, fitness is super important to me to be able to stay healthy for myself and my family, but gear and tools to help aren’t in the budget. Winning the fitbit would help me to maximize the tool I do have – my body!

  69. Farrah says

    This spring & summer I want to exercise outside as much as possible! I am DONE with winter! Looking forward to incorporating baby into workouts, too, catching some sun while moving in the neighborhood pool and on long walks outside.

  70. Alycia says

    Oooooooh, I have been wanting one of these forever! I have a desk job so I find it hard to meet a good step number. Having this for motivation would def help!

  71. Alycia says

    Spring and summer fitness goal is to get outside as much ss possible. Here in WI it is def still winter and I am begging for sunshine and warmth!

  72. says

    Having read this I thought it was very enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put
    this article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

  73. Rachel says

    I have been wanting a fitbit flex for a while! Would be awesome to have one as I enter my third trimester of pregnancy, to stay healthy for baby. And definitely to get back in shape after delivery!

  74. Rachel says

    My major goal for the summer is to deliver a healthy baby and incorporate him or her (it’s a surprise!!) into our already happy family of three.

  75. Nikki Fahey says

    Hi I signed up.
    This summer I would love to get healthy and start running again. I would use the fitbit to make sure I am fueling my activity!! This will help me so that I can maintain my healthy recovery and weight.:)
    I would like to start running and run a race, rollerblade and gear up for a rollerblade marathon…

  76. Katie M says

    My spring/summer fitness goals are to practice yoga 3x/week, and to start training for my late summer and early fall races.

  77. Jo says

    My spring fitness goal is to walk more throughout the day rather than driving everywhere. Making sure to get up from a desk every hour for a 5 minute walk break!

  78. Kristie says

    My summer goals include continuing to be more active abd get healthier and run a few races. I want to feel confident this summer!

  79. kelli fisher says

    I would love to win this! I live in brooklyn and it would be great to track my activity level since I walk a lot!

  80. Raya says

    I’ve heard great things about the fitbit and I love how it keeps track of everything, it would be an awesome motivator.

  81. Pua says

    I would like to win because I really need to be more accountable about how many steps I take. I doubt I’m getting enough in!

  82. says

    I would love to win one to really see just how much I do move through the rest of my life outside my training! It would also be cool to see just how many steps I take in a 19 mile run!

  83. Anastasia says

    I’d love to win the FitBit Flex because I’m super curious about my activity levels! I’d love to know how far I’ve walked, how long I’ve been active and have all that info tracked :)

  84. Anastasia says

    My fitness goals are simply to be more active and find ways to motivate myself to do so! Maybe the FitStudio program and a FitBit will help :)

  85. chrissy c says

    I would love to win the Fitbit Flex because I had te original Fitbit a couple years ago and I lost it! It wasn’t on a watch and it was easy to fall out :(. I loved it when had it. Plus I’m trying to lose weight AGAIN and the Fitbit Flex would really help!

  86. Emily T says

    I know it sounds weird but, ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in plain pedometers (LOL) but now I would just LOVE to track it all with a FitBit! I am super active (professional ballet dancer) and I struggle with how much I should eat to recover based on how hard I worked during the day. This would help me so much.

  87. Emily T says

    This summer I am trying to be in the best shape possible for a new job! (ballet dancer). I would love this soooo much

  88. Kristen Stack says

    I’d love to win a Fitbit Flex to see exactly how fit I am, and help increase my activity level!!

  89. Lindsey says

    I signed up for fit studio and would be so grateful to win the Fitbit!! After the baby in 8 1/2 weeks I plan on jumping back into crossfit and other training. My goal is an unassisted pull up by the end of summer. Thanks!!

  90. Anna S. says

    I would love to win the Fitbit flex. My boyfriend has the Fitbit Zip and loves it. I think it would really help motivate me to move more (and step away from my desk!).

  91. chrissy c says

    My Spring/ Summer fitness goals is to just get back in shape! A couple years ago I did strength training, walked, or rode my bike everyday! Sadly these days my knees and legs hurt really bad because of the weight I’ve gained I want/need to get my body strong again!

  92. Anna S. says

    My fitness goal is to build some muscles. I am trying to step up my weight training to achieve this goal :)

  93. says

    my spring/summer fitness goal is to get back to where I was both mentally and physically last year. I had a big injury hold me back in 2013 that slowly decreased any sort of progressed I had made – but I’m ready for walks, yoga, biking and hopefully running to help me become the successful person I need to be to reach my life goals! :)

  94. Sarah says

    I had a baby in June (Rocco and my little girl are very close in age!) and would love to get back into fitness on a consistent basis. I think the Fitbit would help me to do that.

  95. Kristyn says

    I would LOVE to win bc I always hear so much great stuff about this! I would love to see how many steps I really take and how active I really am. Being in college I tend to do more sitting that I like and I also want to try running again and this would help a lot!

  96. Kristyn says

    My sprig and summer fitness goals are to start running regularly again and to start stretching more and practicing yoga working on my flexibility

  97. McLean Moore says

    I am DYING for a fitbit! I work at a resort and would love to see how my activity spans throughout the day!

  98. Nicole P says

    I’m a part-time working / full-time mom and I’m trying to get in a fitness groove. I’d love to win the Fitbit to encourage myself to move more, especially those days I’m at the office!

  99. Nicole P says

    Just joined FitStudio! Already loving the variety of workouts available on there and that I can do a lot of them while my 8 month old son naps!

  100. Nicole P says

    My spring/summer fitness goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’d love to be a good example for my son and show him that being active is fun!

  101. Amanda F. says

    I would love to track how many steps I take during the day. i work a desk job and try to be as active as possible but know that something like this would force me to be even more active. Thank you for the giveaway!

  102. kristin H says

    I would love to win because, I would love to see if I am making any progress daily. or more to keep track of my daily routines.

  103. Ann says

    I would love to win the FitBit Flex to help hold me accountable for my food intake as well as my activities. It’s wonderful that the FitBit is supported by an online tool that track everything so that I can see my logs over time.

  104. Ann says

    It’s snowing right now in Minnesota! When the snow finally melts, my goal this Spring is to start the C25K program outside.

  105. RJ says

    Although I work out five days a week, I have no idea how many calories I burn (or eat). I would love to have stats on my sleep (or lack thereof)! I’ve had my eye on a fitbit for quite a while, but I have not taken the plunge yet.

  106. Kat says

    I’d love a fitbit as my mom swears by hers. I think it would help keep me conscious of how much I sit during the workday (and how important it is to get up and move).

  107. Heather says

    One of my goals for the summer…do an UNASSISTED pull up. Sounds like a small thing, but it is a big deal for me.

  108. Heather says

    I would love a fitbit flex because I am trying hard to gain strength and I think this would be a great supplement to my fitness routine!

  109. Liz says

    I started a full time job last week and it’s such a change. I’ve gone from 5 workouts a week to 2, so this would help me remind me to get up and at least go for walks!

  110. Cassie Johnson says

    I would love to win the Fitbit flex! I have been looking into buying one, but as a college student I cannot afford one at the moment. Having a Fitbit would encourage me to get up and move more, and I’d love to track my sleep as well!

  111. Cassie Johnson says

    My summer/spring fitness goals are to work up to 160 lb back squats, and focus more on Crossfit style workouts.

  112. RJ says

    When summer comes, I plan to add an evening walk (2 miles) to my day. I’ll also add lawn mowing to my schedule. That should help me burn more calories in addition to my regular morning workouts. I’d love to track all of this with a FitBit!

  113. Bridget says

    I’d love to win because I just organized a “Biggest Loser Challenge” at my job, and I think having one would help me keep me on track to win!

  114. says

    I get off school at 12:30 pm (score for being a senior) yet find myself lounging around the house only to stand up to make the two foot journey to the dinner table for dinner.

    This would really keep me accpuntable! :)

  115. says

    I’ve read some great reviews on FitBit and would love to try it out, especially as the summer is approaching and I’ll spend less time in a gym or yoga studio exercising and more time outside doing less structured exercise.

  116. ellie says

    my spring/summer fitness goals is to get stronger without losing my mind- I want to keep track so I am not going overboard :)

  117. Alexandra says

    Id love to win this fitbit because I’d be so interested to see how many steps I take each day and how well I am sleeping at night! I have an 8-6 office job and I know I don’t move near enough most days.

  118. Jessica says

    I want to win this fitbit flex to keep better track of what I do/eat/sleep. I think it will help keep me on track for my goals.

  119. Melissa says

    I’d really like to work on toning and stretching, something I often neglect on my current fitness journey. More yoga!

  120. Melissa says

    I would love the fitbit to encourage more movement everyday. Also I’d like to see how the sleep tracker works.

  121. Jen Lyle says

    I would really like to improve my stretching and focus on yoga this summer…. Preferably on the beach at sunrise :)

  122. says

    Hey Katie! My current fitness goals are the 30-day AB challenge, 30-day SQUAT challenge, and 30-day ARM challenge, so I can feel great when I visit Jamaica in May!

  123. says

    As for the fitbit, I use the app on my iPhone, but I don’t think it’s very accurate in how it counts my steps. Also I am extraordinarily sedentary – Since I work in an office by myself, I seem to only walk about 2k steps a day. I’d love a Fitbit to encourage me to get up and MOVE!

  124. Emily says

    i NEED to get back into the fitness grind. after moving and starting all over in a new city i’ve been so tired… i need something to motivate me and this would definitely be it!

  125. says

    I would LOVE to win this to track my progress & health goals. Not only do I need to get more ZZZs, but I would love to have one thing that could track sleep & activity at once. I would be so excited to use this!

  126. Diana Ngure says

    I would absolutely be so grateful to win this fitbit flex, I have been working out and eating healthy since last year September and I feel that with an additional gadget to help me track my progress, I would be more than motivated to keep doing what I am doing, there days I go to the gym for an hour or so and feel defeated leaving without a clue of how many miles I ran approximately or what I even burnt calories wise. I ran at the park with my phone and there are days my phone freezes so I cant tell at what mile it even stopped. Im currently jobless so theres absolutely no way I can afford this amazing miraculous gadget but I am hoping to own it one day. I watch people at the gym and the park tracking their workouts and it just humbles me. Someday.. If I happen not to win ..May the best winner feel very blessed and proud :)

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