#Fitin14 with Sears!


Happy Sunday! I wanted to pop in today to share a really cool program with you that I am excited about!

Sears has launched a “Points for Progress” program. What is this program?

A program that motivates members to get fit and stay fit. When you register for fitstudio.com , and connect an app or device, and track activity….you can earn shop your way points!

What are those points?

Points that can redeemed online or in store purchases at Sears or Kmart.

FitStudio members are rewarded for activity!

  • 5 dollars in points ( 5,000 points ) for every 14 miles walked or run in 2014.

Very motivating and fun to have support from others as well in the community! You can sign up for the program here ( free of course ) and the hashtag for the program is #Fitin14.  I already started working towards my miles yesterday with my Fitbit Flex.

My first time trying out my fitbit flex, and I am loving it after day one. Love that you can wear on your wrist, which I like more than the clip fitbits.

IMG 5098

My goal of the day was to hit 10,000 steps! Man, it can be hard to hit that goal, you never realize how little you may move until you have a tracker to tell you!

I did 30 minutes cardio on the elliptical to start off the day….

IMG 5101

And the rest of the day I just kept real active! I usually sit still for long periods of time if Rocco and I are playing on the floor and such. The fitbit really motivated me to move more, and even while Rocco was in playroom with me playing, I would get up and march in place and jog in place. Lol. Rocco was laughing, so at least I entertained him!

Winter has been brutal, so getting out to do outdoor activities has been tough. I am glad I got some motivation to move my booty more, especially since yoga is my only workout right now. I do need some cardio and need to move more, so this will be perfect!

Daily goal  met and surpassed!

IMG 5164

I know there will be days where I may not hit my goal, but I will damn do my best each day for sure! We all have on/off days, and that is totally OK! Don’t forget that people, and don’t let this be an enemy or competition. Should be fun to work toward your goals and motivating, never something you don’t feel good about.

I will be updating you guys on how my goals are going, and you can search the hashtag #Fitin14 for updates from me and others. Also, you can search #healthydivas which I will be using when posting fitbit stats here and there. I will be posting any exercise check in, motivation, and more with that hashtag. Please use the #healthydivas hashtag too if you want to check in, ask for advice, or need some support. SO important, and also motivating to have support and motivation from others!

Well friends, off to start the day! Hoping to get my 10,000 steps goal in, and sitting here will not help that!

Happy Sunday!

Katie xo

Do you own a fitbit or any fitness tracking device?

Signing up for the “Points for Progress?”

**Heads up, there is going to be an AWESOME giveaway Tuesday, so it might just make you more motivated to sign up! Stay tuned!

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  1. Heather says

    I wear a Shine (Misfit) and love it. My sons think I’m crazy when I’m just shy of my goal and I declare a dance party! Anything to reach the goal. :-)

  2. Nikki says

    No fitness tracking device but I am not sure how it would worker me since my choice of cardio is the elliptical and I don’t really step.

  3. says

    I signed up for the Points for Progress, I just have to get my Fitbit to work. Perhaps I should get the flex. It sounds like your Flex picked up your time on the elliptical, the clip doesn’t always pick that up.

  4. says

    Thanks for the info, I hadn’t heard about this program yet although I’ve linked my Fitbit with several other “reward” ones (Everymove, Achievemint, Earndit, Walgreens) and have gotten some great rewards so far.

    I have the Fitbit One (clip) and it works for me. The elliptical is my main source of activity, and I feel like it picks it up just fine. Sundays are slow for me … so you beat me in steps yesterday (just under 12000, and that was with an hour/7000+steps on the elliptical).

    • says

      I just have to say … I’ve rediscovered my ShopYourWayRewards since you brought this FitStudio program to my attention. I’m getting $5-10 a week in credit. Of course, I am now shopping and spending, but I am trying to just buy things I would have anyway. I don’t quite understand all the ins and outs of this program yet, but simply syncing with my Fitbit has been enough to get me rewards. My Fitbit has paid for itself in programs like this!

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