Good Morning Sunshine Yoga Sequence

Here is a short but sweet yoga sequence to start your day off with, or anytime really!

Good Morning Sunshine Yoga Sequence

Sun B 1.jpg


**Make your way to the front of your mat

Sun B 2.jpg

Sun B 3.jpg

Sun 4.jpg


**Repeat 3 more times! You can just start in downward dog, no need to go back to child’s pose, unless you want to! 

Hope you enjoy this sequence! Let me know if you try it!

Just want to note..

Yoga is a PRACTICE, meaning not PERFECT! Some days my downward dog or halfway lift looks awesome, some days they are struggling. It’s ok! Yoga is all about the breath, letting go of the noise, and time for YOU. Always just do your best, don’t compare, and listen to your body. Yoga is not meant to be stressful, each time you practice, the better you will get. But, you will always have days where you just are “off” or can’t do a certain pose that you used to rock. As long as your breathing, you are doing awesome!

Just enjoy the moment and enjoy the practice!

Love to all of you!

Katie xo


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  1. Yaara Leve says

    Yes! Beauty! Yoga is totally NOT ABOUT the perfect pose. It’s about making the pose your own with your own body and working with it! I love how you emphasize this! Everyone works at his/her own pace.

  2. Erin says

    I always start class with these sun salutations! A great way to get your body warmed up.

    I would definitely add a little bend to your knees in downward dog since you don’t want that curve in your back. As you said, the pose doesn’t need to be perfect and there are some adjustments that are safer for your body and put less stress on your body. With a slight bend, you’d get a nice straight back and I’m sure it would feel great!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes, I love getting feedback from other teachers! I know the bend is important, I usually always have a micro bend! <3 You are so awesome to give positive feedback! Thank you!

  3. tara says

    This is great thanks. I just got PiYo…oh my…judge practicing the moves and I am sore! I am in trouble when I start the workouts this weekend! #kickassbodyhereicome

  4. says

    I love this sequence! I’ve been becoming a devout yogi myself, and downward dog and chaturanga are some of my faves. The one pose I’m not a fan of,however, is sun salutation! Not sure why but it’s so hard to get in the groove. Which poses are like that for you, Katie?


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