If I Could

-If I could get on a plane and go anywhere right now, Maui would be my pick….


-If I could only say two words to loved ones today, of course it would be love you. Tell these boys I love them daily. Always.



-If I could only eat one thing all day, it would be froyo. I swear I never get full from it, sooooo good.



-If I could give one piece of advice to someone today, it would be “To follow YOUR heart, follow YOUR dreams, and live YOUR life each day.”

-If I could have the day all to myself, I would SLEEP. Seriously would just be in bed all day with a candle, peaceful music, and just sleep.  #lifeofamom

-If I could have a shopping spree anywhere, it would be Target. I would be able to get house stuff, stuff for me, stuff for the boys, and more there. Target rocks.

-If I could change one thing about my past, I wouldn’t. The past is the past for a reason, all the things good or bad that have happened were meant to be.  The past I grow from, the past I have great memories from, and no need to change it.

-If I could give a piece of advice to all women out there, “Always love yourself, don’t let anyone make you feel ugly, or make you feel unworthy.” We are all amazing, nobody should make us feel anything less than amazing. Know your worth.

-If I could do one exercise only as of now, I would pick yoga. I love the way yoga makes me feel and every time I practice, I am so glad I did. I feel at peace so much.

-If I could only pick one accessory to wear, It would be earrings. I always have a pair of earrings on, bracelets and necklaces I love, but earrings always win.

– If I could meet a celebrity, I would pick Ellen. I don’t even need to explain that reason, she is a beautiful person.



-If I won the lottery, I would start up a wellness center for women around here. A place where women can go for some yoga, meditation, weekly support meetings, weekly healthy eating meetings, and more! Just a place where all us woman can go and support each other if needed, or just to get a beautiful break!

So many ideas that run through this mind over here  😉

Happy Thursday friends! Cold one out again today, I think we are staying in for sure! Yesterday we did head out, but today staying in and warm.

Katie xo

Pick one of my “I could” categories and fill it in! Would love to see one of yours!




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Disclaimer: My blog is about my views and my healthy living lifestyle, I am not a registered dietitian. I am however a professional wine drinker ; ) Affiliate Links and Sponsored posts may pop up on HDL.

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  1. says

    If I could go anywhere, I would pop home, see the family and hang out for a while. Or, if they could go anywhere too, we could just meet in Hawaii instead! I’d be cool with both, they’d probably prefer Hawaii! I love your Wellness center idea, would be so great to have a place like that I could afford!

  2. says

    Love this :) If I won the lottery, I would travel all over the world and run any race I wanted….and then buy a home for Joe and I to call our own. I’d send my parents to Paris, too….it’s always been my mum’s dream to go there. Stay warm, love!

  3. says

    Let me tell you, Katie… if you started that wellness center, I would send my mother to you immediately. I think she could benefit so much from that type of thing. I’m not sure if that is a dream or goal you have with or without the lottery, but it is a wonderful idea.

    If I could do one exercise forever, it would be yoga as well. I haven’t felt as good about myself as I do now, and I directly connect that to practicing yoga often.

  4. Tara says

    If I could, I would quit my job, get certified as a personal trainer/nutritionist and help people.
    Oh, and convince my husband that we should move south to persue this!!!

  5. april says

    i love the idea for your wellness center! i hope you win the lottery because it would definitely help a lot of women :)

    and YES – shopping spree at target!! (or whole foods ;))

  6. says

    I wouldn’t mind getting away to Maui for a vacation. 😉
    I never get tired of froyo even though I haven’t gotten any lately..
    Sleeping is bliss. I need more of it.
    You can get like anything at Target. Super market win!
    I’m with you on the past. It has made me into who I am today.
    Yoga is so beneficial and relaxing. :)
    I would love to meet Ellen hands down.
    I would go to that women’s wellness center!

  7. says

    If I could change one thing about my past… my answer is the exact same as yours. My past was a difficult, mostly painful one, but I would never have met the man of my dreams nor become as strong as I am today.

    Really good post :)

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