MIMM #106 Silent Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, gorgeous friends!

I hope your weekend was full of happiness, family, love, and fun! Ours was very low key, just how we had planned it. We stayed in for the most part, except for teaming up to cut the grass, a target run, grocery shopping, chipotle, and hot yoga class for me.

Here are some highlights from the weekend, no words….just pics  😉










Enjoy your Monday! Thanks to those who are linking up today! <3

Katie xo



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  1. says

    Rocco is so cute sitting next to his dad with his foot on the soccer ball! :) And, I love the professional picture of you! So happy and fun!

  2. Dyanna says

    Love this pics! The one of both boys on the phone is priceless and the one of you in the air–I LOVE! Have a great week!!!


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