MIMM #83 Hashtag Style!


Happy Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Day too! I know some of you may have the day off, Anthony was supposed to be off school, but snow make up day! My sister Jennifer’s boys are off school, so Rocco and I are going to meet them at Panera for lunch!

We had an awesome weekend, and we got takeout two nights in a row, woops! Hey, it happens when it’s freezing out, and you just want to hibernate. We definitely enjoyed it, and we enjoyed family time too!

I’m going to do hashtag style, since I enjoy hashtag overload! Sharing my….



IMG 2139


IMG 2153


IMG 2182


IMG 2193


IMG 2195


IMG 2197


IMG 2199


IMG 2201


IMG 2213


IMG 2216


IMG 2219


IMG 2231


IMG 2259


IMG 2245


IMG 2263


IMG 2266


IMG 2274

Happy Monday!

See you tomorrow! Can’t wait to see the link ups, let me know if you are a first time #MIIMM too!

Katie xo



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  1. says

    I love Chipotle! It’s delicious. 😀
    I have yet to try sushi. I may have to treat myself out for some soon.
    It looks like you had a marvelous weekend!

    I hope you have an amazing week as well! 😀

  2. says

    I think that you eat sushi just as much as I do…my roommates challenged me to not eat sushi for an entire week, which made me realize how often I get it lol. I was able to survive though (barely)! I also love hashtags
    #sorrynotsorry #ifeelcoolwheniusehashtags #hashtag #ineedmorefriends

  3. says

    I think I love every single picture on this post! What a beautiful life! I hope I am that happy when I have a family :) Those Flapjacked look great! Never heard of them, but would love to try for after my long runs! Flapjacks are my go to post workout fuel!

  4. says

    The #sweetpotatocometome cracked.me.up. That’s exactly what Rocco has to be thinking! I can just see it in his little face. I swear he gets cuter by the day.
    Sunday’s breakfast seriously looks divine.

  5. Dyanna says

    Please tell me how you do your broccoli??? I did some this weekend, washed it, cut it, put in a ziploc bag with some olive oil and Ms. Dash, baked at 350 for 30 minutes. It was supposed to come out crispy. It did NOT. It was smushy. Your’s looks crispy lol. Please share!

    Oww and the boys holding hands <3

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