My First Stitch Fix!

I was so excited to come home to my stitch fix waiting for me on Saturday! I have been wanting to try it out for so long, and finally pulled the trigger!

I mean, yoga pants every day are FABULOUS, but a diva needs to have some other style tooΒ  πŸ˜‰

Stitch Fix was perfect for that, somebody else styling me….OK!

If you are not familiar with stitch fix, it’s pretty simple…

  • Go to stitch fix and create your style profile
  • Get five hand picked items based on your profile from a stylist
  • Keep what you like, send back the rest! They give you a prepaid envelope to send items back in!
  • They give you prices on the pieces, and if you buy all five pieces, you can get a Β 25% discount!
  • 20 dollar styling fee to get your fix, and that is credited towards your final order!
  • You can do a fix one time only, more than once a month, or monthly. Stitch Fix does not require a monthly fee or membership fee!


I was worried if the things I got in the box would be stuff I didn’t like at all, but I had high hopes! I filled out my style profile and had fait that my stylist would send me some stuff I would love.

I was RIGHT!

My first stitch fix rocked! In fact, I probably would of kept everything if funds were unlimited for me. The dress was really the only thing I didn’t love.

Instead of talking about the pieces I got, let me just show ya!

( please keep in mind, I was just coming home from a 9 hour drive the day I took these pics, and hadn’t really slept well at all the past couple days prior. But, keeping it real and not here to impress anyone, just wanting to share my fix pieces! )

This white button up top, LOVED! I loved the detail and the fit! Not too tight, but cute and flowy! A keeper!

Stitch one

This maxi dress, I didn’t love how it fit me at all, The elastic waist was too high on my midriff and I didn’t like that at all. The dress is cute, but just not a good fit for me! I love maxi dresses, but ones with elastic bands, not for me!

stitch 2

This top I liked a lot, but for the price I just didn’t think it was a buy for me. I loved the lace back and loved how it fit, but just not a keeper this time. I loved the white one more, and chose that instead.

stitch 3 pic

stitch 3


The jeans fit good everywhere, except for the BUTT part. When I gave my stylist the feedback from my items, I even told her that it was not her fault I didn’t like the jeans, It was my non-existent ass prob, haha! They were super cute, but just too big on the booty!

stich 4

This cross body bag, OBSESSED. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a keeper! I love hands free bags these days, especially since I have my hands full with Rocco and his diaper bag when we are going places. It has one big inner pocket, two small ones, and is spacious! I adore it, and am already using it!

stitch 5


So, I would say Stitch Fix was a great experience for me! In fact, I have my second fix scheduled for July 30th! I gave my feedback on these pieces, and am excited to see what I get in my next box!

Seriously, if you haven’t tried it out yet and want to…do it! I waited for so long, and was so happy I finally did! It’s always fun to have something to look forward to and to do something for YOU!

Sign up here if you want to try it out ( <— affiliate link )

Hope you guys enjoyed my review, and I will be reviewing my second box too!

Happy Tuesday!

Katie xo

Anyone else ever try Stitch Fix?

If you have, do you subscribe monthly or did you just try once?

How did you like your stuff? More yays than nays?



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  1. says

    I love Stitch Fix! I want that white top. I have credit I want to use but with my weight gain this past year I’m holding off scheduling another fix until I get where I want to be with my weight.

  2. says

    I love that white top. I’d really like to try stitch fix, especially since I’m not too into shopping, but it’s out of the budget these days. Stupid budget… πŸ˜‰

  3. Kattreena says

    Hey girl!! I just ordered mine!! I’ve been eager to try it so I finally did!! :) I’m excited!! You look adorable in everything! It’s nice you can send back things you don’t like and that you don’t get charged until you decide what to keep!! :) really excited!!

      • Kattreena says

        I definitely will! It’s supposed to arrive on July 16!! Can’t wait to see what I got and share everything! :) <3 were the items pretty reasonably priced, like if you did decide to keep everything?

  4. Dawn says

    I love stitch fix. My 5th one is due to be delivered this Friday! I’m crossing my fingers that white tank is in my box πŸ˜‰

  5. says

    I would like to try this and might go for it this Fall – maybe get a few key pieces for the Holidays. Thanks so much for sharing! I love that dress, but I agree not the right fit for you. I love the white and pink tops :) That bag is AMAZEBALLS – I am obsessed too!

    Happy Tuesday :)

  6. Katie says

    I just got my first fix the other day & kept two things! A bag & a maxi dress..I would have kept the other 3 if the sizes would have been right!!! I’m hooked already, however I wish the prices were cheaper!

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