My Healthier Summer Goals with Kohl’s


**Kohl’s provided me with gift cards to purchase these items. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Summer time is the best time!

Summer time means I can get outside more for some fitness!

I plan on rocking a healthy summer over here, and thanks to my friends at Kohl’s I am rocking some new fitness apparel to motivate me!

YOGA is my main fitness favorite right now, and I plan to rock this summer out with teaching lots of classes, and practicing on my own too.

Having comfy and cute workout clothes is a must for me. I love this top from kohl’s , which has the built in bra, and is flowy style, not tight. I really don’t like tight fitting tops, especially since they can be uncomfortable.

Love this top I decided on, and they had it in other pretty colors too!

Perfect for getting my namaste on  :mrgreen:



And here is a little of the back details.





Besides yoga, I will be getting my fitness on outside too. I want to take full advantage of the nicer weather, since our summers are so short here.

Lots of walks outside for sure, and always need good shoes for that. Shoes that have support and comfort, especially for those long walks.

Love these Reebok ones I got, the colors are so fun!

I never realized Kohl’s had such an awesome selection of athletic sneakers, it was hard to decide which ones I wanted. These won my heart though!



Ready for a healthy and happy summer!

Thanks to Kohl’s I will be rocking some cute apparel and shoes!



Healthy Summer Goals…

  • Get outside as much as I can for some fitness!
  • Yoga outside to change it up, instead of doing it inside or in a studio.
  • Lots of water, always! Hydrate up!
  • Family walks with my boys as much as we can, even if a 20 minute walk is all we have time for.

Happy Thursday, friends! Cheers to a healthy summer!

Katie xo

What is one healthy summer goal you have?

Do you have a favorite summer fitness activity outside?




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  1. says

    I used to stop into Kohl’s back when I lived in Florida for all the LC and Vera Wang clothing lines. I haven’t found one in San Francisco, where I live now though. I definitely need some more yoga in my life too. But for the summer, my goal is to build more muscle in the gym! Happy Thursday:)

  2. Kim says

    Love the Kohl’s finds! My goal is to stay active for the rest of my pregnancy. I love swimming outside and going for walks in the park.

  3. says

    Wow it looks gorgeous!

    Unfortunately for me, summertime means staying home so I can breathe and not get sweaty and lounging around because it’s so hot I can’t even stand, forget exercise!

    Since you like yoga, have you tried yogaglo? They have excellent videos!

  4. says

    You are ROCKIN the Style – love, love, love :) Have to be comfy and have to have materials that keep you dry too.

    My healthy goal this Summer is working on the financials. It is a little off base, but still very important.

    I cannot wait to get out and hit the bike trail :) Need to upgrade my helmet to keep my noggin safe.

    Happy 4th – Enjoy – Be Safe – Have Fun!!!

  5. says

    I’m so jealous of your summer! Its winter in Australia at the moment and so very cold. I can’t wait for summer to come around again. My winter goal is to just keep exercising, no matter how horrible it is outside

  6. Nikki says

    I do yoga when I am home alone with my 3 week old. How do I get in the zone if he starts crying during my workout?

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