National Cereal Day Nature’s Path Giveaway!



Happy National Cereal Day!


Ode to My Cereal on National Cereal Day

You are the crunch I want to munch

For breakfast dinner or lunch

You are happiness in a bowl

With nutrition that keeps me whole

You get me going when I am sleepy

And comfort me when I am weepy

Your nuggets of goodness fill me up

And help me ignore my brother when he grunts, ‘sup

Oh cereal this is your special day

We thank you for giving us energy to play

I love you I do so please hear my wishes

continue to fill my bowl full of delishes


 Cute little poem there in honor of cereal day today  :mrgreen:

Today I am celebrating the day with Nature’s Path, and It started off with my breakfast of some hemp plus granola.

hemp plus granola+almond milk+cherry stevia+cherries




And I may just have a bowl of cereal tonight for a snack to have another celebration before cereal day is over  😉

Nature’s Path was kind to send me an awesome package of goodies that included that granola above, plus more.

I am excited they also are offering to send TWO of my readers a sweet package of goodies to celebrate cereal day too!

Nature’s Path Cereal Giveaway!



Pretty amazing package! P.s. that love crunch granola dark chocolate macaroon is AMAZING.

Giveaway Rules

( US only )

Three ways to enter and leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry!

  • Tell me what product from Nature’s path you have tried and loved! If you have never tried any of their products, which would you want to try?
  • Like my facebook page, and leave a comment telling me you did!
  • Tell me what your favorite childhood cereal was growing up!

Three ways to win, and two winners to be chosen!

Giveaway will end Monday March 10th, 2014!

Good luck, happy cereal day!

Katie xo


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  1. says

    I love every Nature’s Path cereal I’ve tried! I am loving Coconut Chia granola right now…but Carrot Cake is a definite contender!!

  2. says

    I have tried & loved the Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola ; soooo delicious !

    I would love to try the Lovecruch dark chocolate macaroon, two things I adore…

    my favorite childhood cereals (I had more than one!) were definitely Cinnamon Toast Crunch, granola, & Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch ! lol

  3. says

    Crunch granola and all chocolate products by them are sooooo delish! I use to eat fruity pebbles as a kid and go figure all the health issues it brought me as an adult eating unhealthy lol i have changed my life to protect my temple as much as i protect my mind and soul. Thanx for this giveaway, fingers crossed

  4. Lola says

    I have tried their Sunny Hemp granola bars. They’re my favorite because I think they taste like a healthy rice krispy treat!

  5. Samantha Johnson says

    Believe it or not, I loved plain Cheerios and Grape Nuts. But if you’re looking for a sweet one…it definitely has to be Fruit Loops.

    • Katey says

      My favorite cereal was, and still is Reeses puffs! I could eat it every day. And I already liked your Facebook page. :)

  6. Michelle Derks (jasonhasmyheart) says

    I LOVE their granola! So yummy!
    I loved eating captain crunch as a kid!! ☺️And I already liked your FB page!!

  7. Paveena says

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch was my favorite and still is!! I buy healthier versions of it now or just put a boat load of cinnamon in my oats :)

  8. says

    Favorite childhood cereal was definitely cinnamon toast crunch. Mmmm. Don’t really buy it now but I looove cinnamon cereal that’s super sweet!

  9. says

    ok, so I absolutely LOVE Nature’s Path. The first product I tried was their pumpkin chewy bars about 1 year ago, and I absolutely loved them. The second product I tried was their flax cereal. My gosh, BEST cereal ever. It’s super crunchy, and so mildly sweetened which is perfect for me because milk is already sweet. The third product I tried was the Heritage flakes and I am obsessed with them as well. Great company.

  10. says

    OMG as a child I ate everything sweet. My favorite cereal was Fruity Pebbles by far. But I also liked French toast crunch (why were they discontinued OMG!), and I also ate Lucky charms, Trix when they used to be little stars, cookie crisp, and lots of other sugary cereals. LOVE

  11. Gina S. says

    Peanut Butter Panda Puffs are my fave because anything peanut butter flavor has my heart!

    Plus- I loved Reeses PB Puffs growing up and these are a much healthier just as yummy version!

    Miss you Katie xoxo

  12. Karen says

    I’ve had their Pumpkin Flax Granola and it wasn’t my favorite. But, I did have their Oats and loved them. The Love Crunch Carrot Cake Granola looks awesome.

  13. Tara says

    My favorite cereal growing up…Captain Crunch! It was soo good, then it would rip the roof of your mouth to pieces, but you just HAD to have another bowl! haa.

  14. Alli says

    I have never tried Nature’s Path, but would love to! My favorite cereal growing up was definitely Peanut Butter Crunch!

  15. Marissa says

    I’ve never tried them before, but I would love to try the Qi’a Superfood – Chia, Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal!

  16. jenna says

    The cereal I loved as a kid will always be cooooooookie crisp! I sure hope I win itd make the perfect bday present to me!!!! Love u babe

  17. Kelly says

    I have tried nearly all of the LOVE Crunch granolas. They’re all so good that I can’t decide which one I like best. I think my current favorite is probably the Aloha Blend. YUM!

  18. Kaitlin G says

    I don’t think I’ve tried any nature’s path products, but I’d LOVE to try that chocolate granola! Sounds delish :)

  19. Jessica says

    I haven’t tried any Nature’s Path products, but I would love to! I’d be happy to try any of their products. The granola bars and oatmeal would fit right into my current breakfast rotation! :)

  20. Megan says

    Never tried them before, but I love all kinds of cereal (it’s the #1 snack in our house!) and would love to try the granola too!

  21. Ashley P says

    I have only tried one of their products before – the chocolate crisps cereal. It was really good and I would love to try some of their other products.

  22. Katie G says

    This is my favourite cereal and granola ever! And it’s Canadian company! So, just wondering why it’s only open to US residents :(

  23. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I am loving cereal lately. I’ve never tried Nature’s Path products, but that Love Crunch flavor does sound amazing…chocolate and coconut is always a good combo!

  24. says

    I loved so many cereals as a kid, it’s hard to pick just one! Some of my favorites were Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and the marshmallows from Lucky Charms (yes, I picked them out of the box and ate them with a spoon and milk haha)

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