Pretty Little Things


I have some great stuff I love, and wanted to share with you guys. I am especially excited about the new yoga capris and top I have been wearing and loving.

Pretty Little Things…

These yoga capris are so bright, comfy, and fun! Onzie was so nice to let me search their site and pick out some stuff I thought I would love.

I picked these 2 capri pants and this awesome tank with the built in bra. ( kind of reminds me of one of the lululemon tops I love here )

I have a new yoga capri love, and these definitely made me stand out in class. Love them! The top was a little big, but I still was able to wear it comfortably. I actually tucked the bottom into my capris, which made it look better and worked well when flowing in yoga class.

Two thumbs up on the onzie apparel! I already have spied another pair of capris I want. Mother’s Day is coming soon  😉




Hair, makeup, face, and jewelry loves of mine lately…



  • MAC lip and cheek color ” for your amusement” is a pretty pink/coral color that is beautiful for spring!
  • Nadri cubic zirconia stud earrings. Who needs real diamonds, when you got these? They are so pretty and actually look real to me. Love these!
  • Hamsa necklace. Adore this necklace, and it’s a little long if you can’t tell in pic. This will look cute with a plain basic tank, jeans, an flip flops!
  • Palmers coconut oil moisture hair cream. Miracle in a tub, and not expensive either. Love the way this has been helping my hair, ends in particular. I have been trying to put this on my hair at least twice a week!
  • Glam Glow thirsty mud. INVEST in this. Yes, it is pricey, but yes it will hydrate your skin and get it glowing. I am obsessed with this stuff. Actually all of the glam glow stuff I have tried I love.


Feel free to link something you have been loving or want to share in the comments!

Happy “pretty little” Thursday!

Katie xo

Have you ever heard of the onzie apparel brand?

Favorite beauty product right now?

What hair product do you LOVE?


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  1. Kim says

    This is soooo crazy! I spent all morning today looking for a Hamsa necklace for my cousin (her bat mitzvah is in a few weeks) and couldn’t find one I liked. i love the one you posted!

    I never heard of onzie but love the colors and patterns. I usually dress so plain for yoga. A change would be nice.

  2. says

    Ooooh I love those colors! Very cute! Never heard of them either :) Thanks for the reminder about mothers day, I need to mail mine pretty soon to make sure it gets to England on time!

    I wish I had a favorite beauty product, but these last few weeks I have had even less time to care about my appearance than usual….and my straighteners broke…taking out my one method of looking after my hair! I am just a mess haha!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes! I have to pick up a card for my mom too, and Mikes mom!

      Girl, I have been rolling the same way too! I know how it is, haha!

      Happy weekend!

  3. mollie k says

    How is the sizing of Onezie? Do you feel that they stay up on your waist? Would they be good for strength training too?? Thanks :) theyre just so cute!

    • Healthy Diva says

      The capri pants I got do stay up! As far as sizing, seem they run true to size! The top I got a large, and it was a little big, but I have a bigger chest so I just wanted to make sure I was big enough for the bra. I wore it ti hot yoga, and it was fine!

      Yeah, they would be for sure!

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