Some Changes Going On


Let me start this post off to say teething sucks. I am currently drinking coffee like a boss, and my body feels like it got hit by a truck from sleeping on the floor in the nursery. Poor little Rocco is getting 5 teeth in on top and his one year molars in all at once!

He has been such a trooper with it, but last night was rough for him. And for mama  😯

So coffee to fuel my day today, for sure!

Yesterday was a low key day over here, but it included some shopping at the mall. Anthony wanted to get a new hoodie and some new socks, so off to the mall we went. I got my mom a birthday present while we there, and I finally got to go to Sephora!

I will share my Sephora goodies in another post  😉



Some Changes Going On Over Here…

Changing up my workouts!   I tried this Physique 57 Cardio Sculpt workout the other day, to switch things up for my workouts. Loved it! I love the fact that it’s only 30 minutes, short and effective! I felt the burn yesterday from doing it the previous day.

Switching up your workout is always a god choice, especially if you are in a workout rut. Teaching barre is another dream of mine, I really enjoy barre and want to start getting to a local studio more.



Changes for Rocco over here….

No more formula for little man! We are just using up the last of his formula container we have, and it’s officially done! I have given him milk the past couple days, been transitioning him. He is doing well with it! My goal is to have no more bottles by August, so we are working on that too!

This is the milk we picked, after getting lots of good feedback about it. My doctor said it would be fine to have Rocco on almond milk, as long as we supplemented with Vitamin D. We just chose this though, and seeing how he does!



And daycare is starting next week, another big change! We are going in today for a visit, to get him comfortable and to meet the kids that will be in his room, along with the caregivers. I’m staying with him for an hour , and then I will leave him for a little as well. I just want to transition him in there slowly, not just throw him in and leave him the first time!

He will only be going two half days a week, and we know this will be good for him. He needs to be around other kids, will be great for socialization.

Big boy he is now with all these changes!



And he is a big boy making a mess all over the place daily! I swear, me or Mike will die tripping over one of those balls in our near future  😯



Well, off to get stuff ready for the daycare visit today! Excited to see how he does! Rest of the day will involve rest and I teach two yoga classes tonight! Woot Woot! I was sad to miss last Thursday since I was out of town, excited to be back!

Have a great day, friends!

Katie xo

Moms, if your little one goes to daycare, do you remember the first time you took them? How did your little one do? I am sure I will be more of a mess than Rocco.

Have you ever tried any Physique 57 dvd’s or have you tried barre at a local studio?







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  1. says

    My niece has been in daycare since she was 6 months and she’s now 5 1/2 (kindergarten in Sept). It’s always been hard for us to drop her off. We have those little pangs of guilt for leaving her there, especially when she was really small and would cry when we left. But she adjusted quickly. She has made so many little friends over the years and when transitioning into the next class she always adjusted well to the new teachers. There are days now when we go to pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave! lol I personally think it’s great for kids though. I notice a big difference between my two nieces, as one goes full time and one goes half days. Big social and even verbal difference. Wishing you and Rocco the best on this new step!!

  2. says

    I’ve never tried it. I’ve only taken a couple barre classes and like how it’s such a change from my normal routine of lifting weights or teaching Les Mills group fitness classes. I don’t know if it’s in San Francisco or not, but I’d love to try.

  3. says

    I’ve never done a barre class, but I took ballet for years growing up and always wanted to give it a try!

    How did you pick your daycare? I’m thinking about sending my little one to preschool in January. The only place I know of and love is 20 minutes away. I still have some time to worry about it!

  4. says

    There is a Barre studio not too far from me. I have never tried it, though. The price for the whole month is equivalent to a month at cross fit which I think I would enjoy a lot better! I could totally see you being a Barre instructor, though! How fun would that be?!
    Sorry little man has been teething! Oh man… I remember those nights!
    Have a wonderful day!
    XxOo Tasha

  5. says

    My son is now 15 but started daycare at 7 WEEKS old! (Working momma!) He nursed and had never taken a bottle; I had met with the lady a number of times and sat in at her home day care a few times. She had held Ian and it seemed good. On day 1, I handed him over at the door with his diaper bag and pumped milk and rushed off before I started crying. It was a long day but we both did great <3 On a side note, I nursed him for 20 months…he never had a drop of formula and only ever took a bottle for her! He wouldn't ever accept a pacifier. Lol…
    I am so glad you are putting him in daycare. I think people truly underestimate the need for socialization. Waiting until kindergarten to leave them with someone else is much harder on them.
    The key to leaving them is not being weepy and wacko! All smiles, no goodbyes just 'see you in a little bit!' (They have no concept of time really) and simple kiss and off you go!
    If YOU are ok the kids will be ok!
    Hugs! You are an awesome Mama!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks so much! You are so sweet to write your experience and share with me! I appreciate the support so much!!

      Thank you! You are an awesome mom too!

  6. says

    Big Changes Indeed! Sweet Cheeks will settle into daycare and the socialization will be good for him :) Sorry to hear about the teething :(

    I have been switching up my workout by doing TRX (looks like a bungee cord with a stick). Works the core and then some – basically kicks my butt and whole body!

    Happy Thursday :)

  7. says

    I’ve never tried Physique 57, but I absolutely LOVE barre and don’t take it near enough. Rocco is adorable, as always! I would for sure chip some teeth if those ball were roaming around our house. Clumsiest person ever right here. Happy Thursday!

  8. says

    I think daycare was worse on me than it was on Kenzer. I had to remind myself that it was a good thing for her to be around other kids.

  9. says

    Changes are exciting! Yay for no more formula! Good luck with the whole milk transition.

    As far as daycare, it’s not like he’s going all day, everyday. Two half days gives you a break and he gets to play. I’m all for socialization as, even though school/PS is far off, he needs to get comfy with other people. I can tell you also if he only spends time with you and only you and then tries to be dropped off at PS/school, it’s a hard thing for all! Good for you! I’m sure you will all adjust! I hope he doesn’t get bugs from daycare though. At school, I can tell you I get most things. Fun times!

    As for Physique 57, I haven’t tried it. I have a few friends who have said they love it. I would be interested in pure barre too. I have minimal flexibility but I try. I can say I have found fitness blender’s free workout videos and have added them to my YouTube account. I’m all for free too!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks so much for those encouraging words!

      I am all about free too! I have found some great yoga videos on youtube for free!
      Happy weekend!

  10. Pua says

    Both Physique 57 and Barre are two workouts I have NOT tried… but I’m always interested in trying something new!

    I had to smile at your comment about those balls being the death of you. A few years ago, I bought my niece a ball pit thinking, “This is gonna be such a fun toy for her!” She loved it… but my SIL? Not so much! Plastic balls EVERYWHERE! She keeps telling me that I’m in for it now that we’ve got our guy coming… I’m a little scared. :-\

  11. says

    We started to go to the gym daycare when my daughter was 6 weeks old. It helps me to get a work out in and even more important a shower. But also helps my daughter to get used to other people, we have no family around so poor girl has to hang out with me and my husband all the time.

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