#TTMT #14 How Do you Deal With Stress?

Happy Tuesday!


Time for some “Talk To Me Tuesday” chat!

Today we are talking about ways to stay sane, basically how you de-stress.

Life can be very stressful at times, or for some people they have stress a lot daily. We all have stress, there is not one person in the world who can say they live each day stress free. If you are a person that is stress free daily, are you human?! Lol.

Stress can either eat away at us, kill us, or cause a lot of chaos in our life. How can you deal with stress to alleviate it?

Well, the answer is different for everyone.

I want to share ways I de-stress with all of you today….

  • Breathing, sounds funny right? I mean stepping away from everything, taking 5 minutes to sit in complete silence and to breathe in and exhale out deep breaths. Basically meditation, but really just a time to stop, relax, and really think about the big picture, and if the stress is worth it.
  • Wine, haha! Seriously a damn glass will do wonders  😉
  • A hot bath with some aromatherapy bath salts ( I get a kind from bath and body works )
  • Yoga, HUGE one for me. In fact I am lookign forward to yoga tonight, because I need some de-stressing!
  • Look at a picture of my boys, or my husband and I. Really puts me back in my place and makes me smile.
  • Exercise, a good workout can always help clear your mind, and sweat the stress out!


These are just some examples of how I handle my stress at times, and like I said, we all handle it different.

I would love to hear ONE way you de-stress! Please share it in a comment!

Have a great night friends!

Katie xo



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Disclaimer: My blog is about my views and my healthy living lifestyle, I am not a registered dietitian. I am however a professional wine drinker ; ) Affiliate Links and Sponsored posts may pop up on HDL.

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  1. Dyanna says

    ALCOHO—-naa just kidding. A good book on the Kindle does the trick for me. That or sitting in my car with the windows rolled up and screaming my head off. (true story and it works!!)

  2. Becky J says

    Prayer first! I also give myself a few minutes alone at times and exercise really does help destress also.

  3. says

    Get some good music on, and have a little dance around the house. I look ridiculous, make myself laugh, and usually feel much better. Go for a run or a walk, fresh are does wonder too. Sometimes, I call a friend, a problem shared is a problem halved, after all!

  4. says

    I love going right to a work out, but I really love going for a hike. There’s a local place nearby where I live and I love heading up there to clear my head. It’s not secluded so I feel safe and once I get to the top of the mountain….ahhh!! It’s just beautiful! Great topic!

  5. says

    I really like to turn to exercise. It feels good to DO something, even if it isn’t something that actually affects the stress. Just to pound it out (so no yoga for me, but more adrenaline pumping stuff).

    I don’t drink wine, but unfortunately I do often find myself stress-eating. Downing something before I even realize what I’m doing!

  6. says

    Nothing works better than a good walk, and just being able to hammer all of your emotional energy into the pavement!

    Love the new blog design!

    Hope you’re well <3

  7. says

    Haha, I love wine too to de-stress :-)
    And Yoga. Seriously, Yoga saved my life already several times already :-)
    I also love to go outside and get fresh air, looking at nature and enjoy a walk, or hanging out with a girlfriend or my man is de-stressing too!

  8. Susan says

    Great post, I’m more of a worrier and stress more than Conor. He’s a great help if I get stressed. I also like the saying”this time will pass” and the book everything I’ve ever done that worked by Lesley Garner too. So much to be thankful for in life and life really is a gift.

  9. Nikki says

    This may have the opposite effect on some people but I watch the local news. If there was a deadly accident on the road, I think back on the extra few minutes I had in traffic and everything in my day I have to complain about is minor compared to the people or family in that crash.

  10. says

    Talking to another woman: my mom, co-workers, or best friend!! They “get” my stress better than my hubs, who is awesome, but usually jumps straight to telling me how to solve my probs when I just need to vent. :)

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