TTMT #7 Thoughts on Cosmetic Surgery


Happy Tuesday!

Time for another great topic for TTMT this week, I had a friend Bri message me on facebook a topic she would like to hear feedback and thoughts on.


“Thoughts on Cosmetic Surgery”

Plastic/cosmetic surgery is always a touchy subject I feel, as someone who has had cosmetic surgery, I know some people can view it negatively.

When I was 20 years old, I did have breast augmentation and no I do not have any regrets on doing it. After having my son Anthony, my boobs were not the same, and I decided to get implants.

Did I get them for attention? No, not really. They sure did make me feel better in the boob department, and I can’t say I ever had a regret getting them to this day. I know it was hard having them sometimes, it seems some guys just liked me for that. I didn’t want a guy to like me for looks, and that made it a little difficult, but then again I was showing them off in little tops back then. Hey, I was young and went to clubs, dressed young, so I did have some cleavage showing. Lol.

I am not against plastic surgery, I will be getting my implants replaced as soon as I am done having kids, which will be in the next couple years. One thing about implants is you have to replace them or just take them out every few years. I should of had mine replaced already, but all is ok with them, and I just want to wait until I am done having kids!

I don’t like when people get plastic surgery that completely changes how they look, they look fake as ever, and you don’t even recognize who they are. Ok, it’s not that I am judging them, but it just makes me sad to see someone have that much surgery done, when it wasn’t even needed.

Heidi form the show “The Hills” for example, she had way too much plastic surgery, it’s sad how pretty she used to be. I have no idea why she thought she needed all that, she looked beautiful! I mean I get the boob enhancement, but then she went way overboard with other stuff, and her boobs were WAY big! She went bigger than before, but to each their own!

I am not against it, and I feel each person has the right to do what they want with their body. It’s your body, you own it, and have the choice.

I think plastic surgery should not be done to make you think you will be happier if you do it, or love yourself more if you get all these things done cosmetically. Truth is, you have to love yourself within, you will never feel happy unless you truly do love yourself inside. Very important to have that self love, no cosmetic surgery will do that.

Great question Bri, thank you again!

I would love to hear your thoughts, and if any of you have had cosmetic surgery too!

Are you against cosmetic surgery?

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  1. Tara says

    I am not one to get cosmetic surgery. I am who I am, and I will age naturally (no matter how sad it is to see the grey hair and wrinkles!)

    I am not against it, if its something you want to do, and it makes you feel better about yourself, go for it. But I could never do it.
    It does make me sad to see woman who are so hung up on their looks that they feel the MUST have it all done. Beauty is from within, not how you look.
    And I will say, honestly, I cringe at poeple who look so fake. They just try to hard, and it makes me sad for them.
    I also feel that this 20’s generation is sooo into their looks. The fake eyelashes, hair extentions, so much make up, having to have top designer clothes, purses, shoes. Its all just ‘fluff’.

    • Healthy Diva says

      I have the wrinkles too, haha! I think I am aging gracefully though, and I am all good with that!

      Well, I agree on all the points you made, society has gotten worse, which makes women this way!

      Thanks for your comment on this Tara!

  2. says

    I am not against cosmetic surgery. I think it can have awesome benefits for some people (especially those that are in accidents and can use the surgery to get them back to looking like their old selves <– if that makes any sense) and no benefits for others. I do plan on having some "lifting" done after I have kids – I don't want the girls to sag, hehe!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Yes, I want to get mine lifted too, it was actually recommended for me. I want to wait until we are done having kids because of that reason! No need to lift until after! Would be pointless!

  3. Jenna says

    I am not opposed to plastic surgery. I come from a family of small chested women, and decided to enhance mine when I was 25. I agree with you about Heidi. Theres plastic surgery for feeling good about you, but then there is TOO much! I think if it makes you feel more confident in your own skin, rock it sister!

  4. says

    we have nothing wrong with plastic surgery, we’ve always talked about getting boobs for years – maybe one day :) we feel as long as it is done properly and not overly done it can be a good thing with helping with self-confidence for some.

  5. eisha says

    I don’t have anything against it either! I like what you said. “Very important to have that self love, no cosmetic surgery will do that.” – – – – that differentiates between using it to enhance and using it to fix something within you.

    Plus one of my dearest friends who is an avid runner before and after getting pregnant (so she doesn’t shy away from exercise) —- received a tummy tuck after going through a struggle to get pregnant from her husband and we are all very happy for her! She could or could not have exercised it off, but it made her happy and she looks awesome! Plus it wasn’t drastic – just something she needed to make her feel a little more self confident!

  6. says

    I’m not against it, but I think other priorities should be in order first. I have debated have something done with my “girls”, but it wouldn’t be to make them bigger, just to have them “stand at attention” a little more– if you’re pickin up what I’m throwin down. πŸ˜‰

    With that being said– I have a niece who had her boobs done, but doesn’t live on her own, lives with her grandma, drives a car that’s entirely too expensive, etc. She could have spent that money on a down payment on a house. Instead her boobs cost more than her non-existent home. By the time I was her age (23) I had already been on my own 5 years.

    Priorities. It’s all about priorities.

  7. says

    I have considered a breast reduction due to having a spinal injury, but working on strengthening right now and losing a bit of weight first to see if that helps me or not. I think about health concerns when I think about cosmetic surgery – to help correct a health issue. Great Topic Today – Happy Tuesday:)

    • jenna says

      I had a breast reduction a few years ago, and it was the easiest most smart thing ive ever done for myself! Totally changed my life and put me on the path to healthy!!! Id recommed it to anyone. If youd like to chat cravesadventure, let me know!!!

  8. says

    I am not against cosmetic surgery at all. But I agree wit the hedi comment.. she went a little to far! I think its great to maybe enhance or change something for yourself. I know that I want to get boobs one day too. for me! :)

  9. says

    To each their own! I had my done when I was just 20 years old and am due for an update! In hindsight, I wish I would have waited a few more years but it definitely helped with my self esteem and honestly you wouldn’t know they were fake unless I told you. There’s tasteful and then there’s dramatic.. but again, to each their own! Do what makes you feel good! :)

  10. says

    I think there is a VERY fine line… Not sure where it is.. I’ve seen it done tactfully and for the right reasons and the other way around. It’s a personal choice but I believe it lies in ones intentions. Being married, the only reason I would get it done is to feel good for my husband and if he was okay with it, the last thing I need is other men ogling me more with my enhanced boobs hanging out.

    • Healthy Diva says

      I agree with what you said very much! Mike actually doesn’t care either way about them, but i had them before we met.

  11. says

    One of my co-workers got it done and I agreed with her choice. She felt more confident. I would not be against it for myself. Some things, like my stomach with its loose skin doesn’t bother me so much. It’s a choice and it’s something women should decide for themselves.

  12. Josie says

    I am definitely pro cosmetic surgery, I know I will be getting a breast reduction once we are done having kids! But I think people should have to talk to a counselor or someone first. some people do it for all the wrong reasons and some surgeons only care about getting a paycheck. There are people out there like Heidi that you mentioned, who I really feel have an addiction or some type of disorder. It makes me sad to see that!

  13. says

    I’ve never had cosmetic surgery and don’t think I ever would. I was honestly always a bit against it until one of my very close friends had a breast augmentation. She loves her new look and it looks great and perfectly subtle. I discouraged her at first but after she got it done I supported her and after seeing how much more confident she is and how happy she is, I have to say maybe cosmetic surgery is for some people, within reason.

  14. says

    I feel about it a lot like you – I’m not against it as long as someone doesn’t use it to completely change themselves, just because I think that’s sad, too. We’re all beautiful! But I can absolutely understand wanting to change that *one thing,* you know? I’m certain that if I ever get cosmetic surgery it’ll be the same one you had!

  15. says

    If having surgery is done for the right reasons by a good doctor, it can be a wonderful thing. Having said that, I nearly pass out when they draw blood, so I hope I never need it, I’m going to have to keep buying really good bras!

  16. Yaara Leve says

    I’m so glad you brought this up!! I agree with you that I think it becomes really sad when women go overboard with the surgery and you can’t recognize them anymore.
    But I think it also can be empowering as women are taking control and changing something they’ve always felt uncomfortable with. I’ve considered getting breast implants for years! I’ve always been very small chested–but I’ve always wants to breast feed when I have kids one day and I’d be worried that it might give me trouble. Lipo for my belly too–I always have the damn pooch even with lots of cardio and clean eating–oh well!
    Also the idea of putting plastic in my body kind of freaks me out.
    By the way–yours have always looked amaze!! They actually look really natural, perky, and full–sorry if that is creepy–lol.
    But I’m just curious–when you say you have to get them replaced–did you take them out now while you are having kids or did you leave them in and just have to get a different set of implants–just wondering because I’ve never heard of having to replace them.
    PS: you have to watch Nip/Tuck on Netflix!! I’ve become addicted to it!! All about this stuff!!

    • Healthy Diva says

      Love you! Thank you for the comment! Haha, I have heard of that show! Never watch that again if you decide to get surgery, haha!

  17. says

    I see nothing wrong with plastic surgery. A little nip and tuck here and there is totally fine. I’ve always said if I ever have children and felt I needed a mommy makeover I would do it in a heart beat. When I need it I might consider Botox too and maybe a face lift one day too. I do believe in moderation though. I hate to see when people get so much done they don’t look like themselves any more.


  18. Angela says

    I would love bigger breasts – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little surgical help in that department. Some people spend on fancy clothing, some on expensive cars.. how is plastic surgery any more vain than the other ways we express ourselves in society? Just my opinion.

  19. Kanoe says

    As you know friend I am on a little weight loss journey ;-). Since I have lived so unhealthily for so many years and had gained so much weight as I lose weight I have and will have lots and lots of excess skin. Well this skin can’t be stretched back so the only way to get rid of it is surgery… the cosmetic kind. This is not just for aesthetics and to show off all the work I’ve done but also for health reasons. All that excess skin isn’t healthy or hygienic so it’s got to go. I can definitely do compression wear but still it’s not healthy staying and is uncomfortable. So once I’m done losing all my weight and am at a healthy weight for me I will have surgery and hope all my friends and family who love me will support me. But like you said ppl have their opinions about it and they are allowed but in the end it’ll be what’s best for me. Love you for this topic! :-)

  20. says

    I think plastic surgery is a very personal thing – saying it’s right or wrong would be like saying a person’s choice in clothing is right or wrong. That said, of course it can be harmful if taken too far or not done right.

    Also, I don’t think all plastic surgery is purely cosmetic. I myself plan to have a breast reduction soon, and NOT because I don’t like the way my huge boobs look. I love my shape, but I don’t like not being able to find clothes that fit and look good on me. I don’t like not being able to run without wearing what feels like a straitjacket. I don’t like the constant back pain just from trying to stand up straight.

    I would never go under a knife for purely cosmetic reasons – but if it can drastically improve quality of life, or make you feel more confident in your own skin, then I’d say why not.

  21. says

    Love the post! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing! Can you fill us in… how often do you have to go in and get them redone and is it the same price each time??

  22. says

    I 100% share your opinion. If it’s something that really bugs you, why the hell not fix it? I think it’s only bad, or just sad really, if you have so many things that bug you that you end up making yourself into a different person. I would definitely have plastic surgery if something bugged me (and maybe I have- most people think you can tell, but a lot of the time you can’t!)

  23. says

    I am not against plastic surgery. It’s a personal choice that people choose to make. If it makes them happy? They should go for it. I am not one to judge because I am no place to. It’s their life, not mine. I just think people need to be careful about it.

  24. says

    I am not against cosmetic surgery at all. As you say, it is said when some women think they would reach happiness when changing things about their looks. But I think some things can be bothering and then maybe the surgery helps. It’s a very individual decision and I sometimes can not understand all that judging. It’s really each on their own.

  25. says

    I have absolutely nothing against this kind of surgery. I used to when I was younger, but then I was younger. lol! I think that a person should not be judged because they have or want surgery. I have naturally big boobs, I mean big! I have 36H size boobs. That’s massive so I will have them made smaller and lifted. I also want to have my eye lids lifted as I have inherited hooded eyes from both my parents so I look tired and sleepy all the time (and only gets worse with age, I am 37). I agree that for things like this it’s ok, but going crazy and having things done for no good reason and totally altering the way you look is a little overboard. But then again, just as you said, to each their own.

  26. Lizzie says

    I’m so proud of your confidence and openness :) I am very small chested and I have been wondering about getting implants… But not anytime soon because I haven’t really considered it until recently. I’m a runner and I know having small boobs is a blessing in that regard. How long did the recovery take? How did you decide to have elective surgery?

    • Healthy Diva says

      Thanks girl!

      Recovery wasn’t too bad, it was a little before I could do any lifting or working out, can’t remember specifically how long. I had mine done so long ago, hard to remember! Plus, things change over time, so who knows!

      I didn’t like my boobs after having my son, they went saggy. I just decided to get the surgery!

  27. Nikki says

    I got my ears pinned 8 years ago at age 20. I know supermodel Alisha Ambrosia (spelling is off) had it done as well. I was embarsassed to wear my hair up. It cost about $5k at the time. That is one surgery I support for anybody feeling awkward. I felt like no pain and recovered super fast. Ears change your appearance so much.

  28. sarah says

    i agree that it depends on the person. i know i’ve thought about getting mine done millions of times but i have a history of disordered eating. When i start to think about changing something i think its me slipping back into those tendencies. Theres always going to be things i don’t like but there are so many things i love. i believe cosmetic surgery can be done for the right reasons and benefit the person alot but i also believe it can be really harmful. i think the person just has to know them selves well enough to know if it will be helpful or hurtful

  29. Melanie says

    I think plastic surgery to enhance health, for instance is fine. I had breast reduction surgery when I was 18, and two pounds of tissue were removed from each. Yeah, that’s right, two pounds, and I’m still a DDD cup. My chest inhibited my ability to exercise, wear nicer clothes (I wore a regular bra and a sports bra just to get through the day – which believe me, is not very comfortable), and left me with TERRIBLE self-confidence. Having the surgery changed my life. While I am by no means “small,” in the chest or rest of my body, I can now wear clothes I feel comfortable, and cute in. I can exercise wearing just one sports bra (a miracle!), and actually have self-confidence.

    What I am not as huge a fan of however, is plastic surgery to stage off aging. Aging is a natural process, that humans have gone through well, forever. I have seen pictures of people from when they were younger, authentically beautiful, and then older, still beautiful, but definitely not authentic. While it is a personal choice to have plastic surgery, in my opinion, it should be used to enhance peoples lives, not just their looks.

  30. Emelia says

    I love the idea of a weekly post. I love all your themes and appreciate the recommendations! I haven’t used that Sephora birthday gift yet but will def try it on the brow bone now! Kate Spade is a new favorite–nit sure why I didn’t love her sooner haha. Xo

  31. tb says

    No plastic! Self confidence comes from with in! Big boobs, small boobs, saggy boobs, long noose, stick-out ears, cellulite ext. These are things that make us unique and are just a little part of being human. The people that love us may even love these little things and so should we! I think women need to stop torturing themselves so much and relax. Risking your life for what society says you SHOULD look like? I think we are better then that. Plus we are all so much more then body parts πŸ˜‰

  32. Kelly says

    Thanks for sharing, Katie!!

    I agree that it’s a personal choice. I also wonder if those who get plastic surgery become unaware of how fake their “enhancements” make them look – Heidi is a great example.

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