What I Love Wednesday


I love getting in a good workout and then being a lazy butt after. I did Jess from Blonde Ponytail’s prenatal workout, all just using your own body weight! Loved it!

IMG 6834

I love skinny vanilla iced decaf lattes.  I love that my grocery store has a starbucks in it so I can drink and shop!

IMG 6827

I love banana bread thomas bagels, especially topped with pumpkin protein frosting and raspberries.

IMG 6845

I love that I have amazing, kind, and beautiful friends! Jennifer is one of those blog friends and she was SO sweet to send a gift to Baby G! Hooded monkey bath robe and blankie I registered for at target! Thank you again beautiful friend! <3

IMG 6840

I love panera salads. I got a classic salad and just added chicken to it, yum!

IMG 6837

I love  this new fig and chocolate bar, oh yesssssss. The company was nice to send me this one and more, review coming soon!

IMG 6841

I love this song, I belt it out in  my car when it comes on. I am sure Baby G is not fond of my singing skills, hehe!

IMG 6804

I love my BFF Cassie! She is planning my shower with me and I am so grateful for her! Yes I know I shouldn’t be helping plan it, but this is what I want to do and I have time to do this too obviously since I work from home and have a flexible schedule with blogging!

IMG 6481

I love this ecard, right on!

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( source )

Happy Wednesday friends! I also love that we are halfway through the week! I am excited for a fun filled weekend ahead!

**Diva Bump Page was UPDATED this morning too! 23 Weeks Details!

Katie xo

Healthy Diva Asks…

What do you LOVE today?

What song is on repeat for you right now?

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  1. says

    Aw! thank you for trying AND sharing the Prenatal workout! I have another one filmed and will share next week! We can help each other stay motivated!! I too am in love with Starbuck’s lately–probably these cold temps, but a Chai tea hits the spot! I want the cute monkeys!!! :)

  2. says

    I love that I’m surrounded with my friends and family today!
    I’ve also been obsessed with bananas randomly lately! I went through a phase where I wasn’t too in to them, but now I’m putting them in everything.
    Happy Wednesday love!

  3. says

    I have a hilarious story to share. When Mr. Craves & I were in Hawaii, I swear that song Diamonds in the Sky was stalking us – get in the car it was on, go into the grocery store it was on, go into a restaurant for lunch IT WAS ON – YIKES!!! Have to check out that chocolate – YUM:) Loving Life Today – Happy Hump Day!

  4. Danielle says

    OMG, yes!! Skinny vanilla lattes are my weakness! I think they taste like marshmallow, and I love to top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also enjoy having an intense workout and then being lazy afterwards. I figure that I’ve earned it!

    What I loved on Wednesday:
    1. Taking my daughter to the planetarium.
    2. Going to GNC and finding Quest bars! (Thanks so much for your help!)
    3. My daughter joking around and saying that she’s gonna swipe my lunch, then I say, “Swiper no swiping!” like on Dora. My daughter then exclaims, “Ohhhh mannn!” like Swiper. It’s seriously the cutest thing!

    Song on repeat: “Psychic Cat” by Kelli Ali

    • Healthy Diva says

      Love the LOVES on Wednesday! I am glad I could help with the quest bars and hope you enjoy them11

      Oh Dora! I remember the Dora days with my son, can’t wait to watch those shows again with Baby G one day! I miss it!

      Happy Thursday!

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